How old is evereyone here?

Just wondering how old people in here are. I'm 15.

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psycho99910 years ago
22 in september
Kiteman10 years ago
Ye gods and little fishes. I generally feel quite young, but you lot make me feel ancient at only 39. I have t-shirts older than most of you! Anybody got any good ideas for a midlife crisis that do not involve infidelity or getting shot?
Skydiving. Bungee jumping. Renting a sports car for a month or two.
. heehee I bought a '67 Mustang at 50 yo. ;)
My dad has a '67 mustang =]
. Most really cool ppl do. ;) The "regular" cool ppl, have 68-73's. The brave cool ppl drive pre-67's. LOL
hells yeah =]
gyromild Kiteman10 years ago
I'm getting there in decade or so..when you've figured it out, be sure to write an instructable for the rest of the old farts here.. :)
canida Kiteman10 years ago
I hear convertibles are a relatively safe idea. Pricy, though.
Better yet, get yourself a Harley and cruise down Route 69, wearing shorts and a tee shirt (it may sting, but no one will be able to call you a wuss or old for that matter). Technically, in my opinion, people riding motorcycles wearing leather jackets consider themselves tough, but in reality, they wouldn't go riding without their protective jackets which in turn makes them just like everyone else. I'm gonna stop ranting now since it's so late (or I should say so early since I couldn't fall asleep) and the lights keep flickering due to the rain storm outside.
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