How popular is this site now - is it as popular as it was?

I know this site used to be quite a hive of activity, however, would I be right in saying it is declining in popularity, ie instructables posted and volume of people viewing them? If so, where are people going instead?

Any stats to prove or disprove? 

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MODDEDbyBACTERIA (author) 7 years ago
Some valid and good posts here. A few observations if I may, as a newcomer here:

-1- People seem friendly, which is refreshing
-2- Lots of replies to this thread, which is great, proves activity in the forum is healthy
-3- This site seems to be increasing a bit month on month on viewings (from the link given) which is excellent
-4- I don't know how exactly, but if it things were re-designed to sub-categorise more, and WIP forums, etc, it might bring in more activity

BTW - what are the types of things people are most likely to view here in big numbers? Obviously it depends on how well you write the instructable up and pics, etc; but what are the sort of things that capture the most attention here, more often than not? I've posted two instructables so far and not had many hits! *cries*
Bac, you're still focusing too much on the forums at this place. I know you like forums, but you're watching the bleachers when the game is in the field. ;)

All the conversation happens in posting the Instructable, and then in the comments that follow. :)

Like I said before, portablizing has a very small base here right now (consisting only of my NESp Insructable. :P ) and so not many people are going to search for things relating to portables.

Give it time. ;) Meanwhile, if you have any general project ideas, go ahead and post them. You can make yourself known by posting comments on Instructables, maybe with questions or ideas on how to improve.
MODDEDbyBACTERIA (author)  1up7 years ago
Fair enough, thanks for the advice.

It will be interesting to see how my instructable is greeted for the N64 system start to end video project. I will need a lot of time to take screenshots and document it properly before uploading here, once the project is completed. If that ible doesn't get attention here, then none of my projects will!
If you want, before you actually publish, ask one of the regulars to take a look at it.

Most of us would be happy to help.
Wll short and easy titles are your friend. Especially when your 'ible doesn't get featured you need short and easily understandable titles. I'd go with Caitlins Dad suggestion.

Also if you don't have something that the general public likes and wants to make don't expect many views. I have an 'ible on making a sketchbook that didn't get featured and it has around 402 views and has  been around since januari 10 (so you have more views then me in a shorter period).

And like I said before, getting featured is the sure thing for many views. My rubik's companion cube ible has generated 6994 views since december 24! (didn't really knew up until now :p)

But remember: in the end it's not about the pageviews, it's showing the people something cool and getting positive reactions from it. And above that it's all  about the fun you have building it :)

Oh and you say two ibles but I only see one...
Thanks for the advice, i'll remember that next time.

Forgot to "publish" the second one, done now! 
You might want to just title your ible "Hack Li-ion powerpacks" or something simple. Catchy titles sometimes help, especially if there is a pun, but don't look at me.
MODDEDbyBACTERIA (author) 7 years ago
Good point, why can't people post guides in English (as the international language after all) and also post it, maybe on the same guide, in their own language? No reason I can think of that you shouldn't post on the same page in two languages, and it would also make the site "more international" in the process. 
 What I want to say is, that it is not valid that an American site like Instructables is " for sure" an international site because of the english language.
Even when this website is visited by many people of other nations/ languages will not say it is an international (global) site. In Europe we got the question; what is a good 'europeen' website? Michel is right, it's in the social media; forums, blogs, community, etc. And yes, with with my very dutch language door, for free. Multi-language instructable's should be a great option.
I made some instructable movies on YouTube. That is not done in a couple of hours. Making a good instructable starts before making the project. It has to be scripted, edited, before and not after the project. It's the eye of the instructor, making a good instructable. It satisfy's me having much views, better are the comments, though.
There are a number of bilingual instructables on the site.  Not many, but they exist.

Your point about internationality is a valid one, which is why people who post in poor English (including "text speak") get poor comments.

The site is natually American in bias, being started by Americans.

Since there are far more people who speak English as one of their languages than any other, it is natural to publish most projects in English.

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