How to Change Main/Cover Photo

I had published an instructable before. Now I would like to change the main/cover image of it. How do I do it in the new editor?
Once before I changed the main photo going to publish and I lost the comments I got. I did it the wrong way. Is there any other way in the new editor?

Thanks in advance

Kiteman3 years ago

Go to the project, hit "edit", then go through the publishing process again.

There will be a step when you can choose your thumbnail image, which will be changed in the public lists when you hit the final "publish" button.

I have changed a few images like this recently, and did not lose any views or comments.

Passion Make (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
Yes I did as you said. I did not loose the comments. Thank you :)

You're welcome.

Passion Make (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Thank you :) I will try it the way you have directed. May be I did something else also for the comments to go completely. I am not sure. I will try this way.