How to Cook Bacon with a Machine Gun


Now you can stay nourished while you're out shooting rounds.  And what does a machine gunnist crave more than bacon, right?

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Reminds me of a documentary about Rommels forces who would cook their dinner on the tank they rode in..

Just some water to clean it and then break the eggs. After less then two minutes they were ready to eat :p
On the engine-block, or sun-baked armour?

The armour, it was in a documentary with unshowed footage of the second world war. Can't remember the name of the series but it was very good.

But seeing as they fought in the hot desert I think the engineblock would be a little overkill :p
They'd cook 'emselves if they had to get inside and close the hatches...
Ever heard of Zimmerite (on a related topic)?

No I haven't what is it?
Google it.
It's a special anti-magnetic-tank-coating, I don't believe anyone actually had developed magnetic anti-tank devices at that time, but the Germans developed it as a defence anyway. It's interesting stuff, esp. if you model WW2 dioramas (which / don't)

Well you can say alot about the germans but any man has to admit that they had some good thinkers when building there warmachines.

The german tiger tanks for instance could only be defeated if they were vastly outnumberd by sherman tanks and even then the sherman tanks needed to attack mostly on the weaker back of the tiger tank...

So it doesn't suprise me the germans already had a defence for a weapon that didn't even excist at the time...
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Doesn't do a thing on a Knex gun except make it slimy.
lemonie7 years ago
I prefer to see cooking on engine-blocks, but this is very welcome.

Depends on your line of work.

Just don't work at Burger King.
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