How to Destroy 4700 Brand New Cars

As someone who feels that given enough time I can fix anything, this is one of those stories that really pains me. In 2006, a car freighter transporting 4,700 new cars from Japan to the US listed to its side as the crew was adjusting the ship's ballast. The ship leaned over to approximately 60 degrees, but was eventually righted in an operation that cost the life of one of the team members. Wired has the best coverage of how the ship was saved: High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace.

Having saved the cars, Mazda was now faced with the dilemma of what to do with them. Turning down options to donate, or in some cases even sell, the cars to fire extrication trainers, auto repair schools, or even Hollywood for stunts, Mazda has decided to carefully render each part inoperable -- cutting all four wheels in half, for example! -- shred the cars, and recycle the steal -- probably into new cars. They even created a purpose-built machine to detonate all six airbags at once. Be amazed and a little disgusted all at the same time by checking out the Wall Street Journal's coverage A Crushing Issue: How to Destroy Brand-New Cars and video:

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Flintlock6 years ago
Is it sad that I remember when this topic was first posted three years ago?

How time flies.
oodinaka6 years ago
they should have donate it to charity instead of destroying it......
I'm on the same wavelength with you Killer Jackalope! Like a sort of "Cradle to Cradle" policy can and must be implemented worldwide to prevent more of this disgusting corporate waste! Now we have the whole Toyota recall mess...
jmrock7 years ago
or unfortunately there are 2 others - "law suit"
we live in a sue happy get rich fast world- it's safer for them- I'm sure
punkfan017 years ago
two words "Tax Write-off"
Derin9 years ago
last time I took my van to replace a simple part,the manager said they did not have that part,and the engine was made from about 5000 parts!:O
How sad...somebody died salvaging those cars, and then they just destroy them! :(
xxbgxx9 years ago
smart move for a company why to worry about ppl try to sue them while they can take back the money from insurance company....
Not even selling them for movie stunts???!!!!! That's just wrong! Those cars could be used for all kinds of stuff. Selfish jerks!
And what about the man who died ? (just curious)
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