How to Diffuse LED??

Hello. I'm new to LEDs. Does anyone have advice on how to diffuse the light from an LED (or group of LEDs) so that it might illuminate a clear sheet of plexiglass. Backlighting the glass is not a possibility with this particular project. Thank you.

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Minion716 years ago
well what i do is flatten the led so the focused lens is flat made 10degree led to approximately 120 degree
20107 years ago
Try using sand paper 600 to 1000 grit the higher the beter.
Just rub it against the led be carefull not too bend the terminals too much or they will snap off.
Fill the box with hot glue.
trialex10 years ago
It's all about the edge lighting... try drilling 5mm diameter, 5mm deep holes in the SIDES of the plexi, then stick the LEDs in. Use a slow drill speed to keep the holes clean
Yogurt Ogre (author)  trialex10 years ago
Thanks trialex. I don't think, however, that my plexi is thick enough to drill into.
Use a thicker sheet then :-)
Yogurt Ogre (author)  trialex10 years ago
HAHAHAA that is one FUNNY suggestion! (By the way, this conversation was a year ago, let's continue it! It's fun to continue 1-year-old coversations!)
It was NOT a year ago. It was TWO years ago
Oops... My mistake. So, anyways, 2 years ago I still remember my friend putting a piece of plasticene in our professor's cup. Man was that a big mistake! Time flies like an arrow! Fruit flies like an orange! ( Get it? Flies? )
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