How to Goat

Needs no further explanation I think.

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umm, is there some dark secret reason you didn't link to the sauce?

Oh wait, this isn't 4chan..
4chan isn't 4chan either.
That is true.. Hmm..
That is until the goat kicks you in the gut, and then takes a bite out of you.
rachel (author) 9 years ago
Come now, people, how much clearer can this be? It's got one step for goodness sakes! Surely you all know how to shave a goat with a chisel, it's a BASIC SKILL.
I'm sorry but I can't find any reference to this in my Goodhart's Dictionary of American Puns but the expression "Shave a goat" is in urban dictionary. I'm afraid this is lost on us geniuses.
and who would hand a chisel to a 4 year old, much less let 'em loose with a goat?
Sunbanks9 years ago
Where do I get a goat that can be shaved with a chisel?
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