How to Help Out Around Instructables

People often ask how they can help at Instructables, especially if they are too far away to come in person. Below are some things you can do to help.

Welcome new users
New users are often confused about Instructables and how to get the most out of it. I used to welcome people, and when it got to be too much for me alone, we turned it over to the Instructables Robot. Unfortunately, the Robot isn't that good at responding to questions, so that's where you come in. You can welcome new members to the site by introducing yourself and leaving a comment on their Orangeboard (found at the bottom of every member's profile page). Here's an example of what the Robot says:

Hello! Welcome to Instructables!
I am the Instructables Robot. My job is to alert you whenever someone leaves you a comment or sends you a private message. I spend most of my day sending email. I like sending email.
You probably want to upload an image to your profile. You can do that
here, as well as change some of your other account settings.
After that, check out
How to write an Instructable, The Guided Tour of Instructables, and the Help Forum if you have any questions.

Welcoming people can be very rewarding, and I really miss having the time to do it myself.

Leave/respond to a comment
For some, it takes some courage to make a first comment or post a first question, and it feels really good to have that question answered. So, a huge way to help out is to engage new members with a comment -- it shows them the strength of our community and gives new members a great first experience.

Help out in the Answers Section
You're smart, share your knowledge with others. You definitely know the answer to a question posted in our Questions & Answers section.

Help us fix Bugs
We're not perfect, and sometimes we break the site. If you find an issue with the site you can post a bug report in the forums. If you do a really good job of reporting a bug you can earn a free Pro Membership!

Help Authors with their Instrucables
Think you know what makes a good Instructable? You can share your insight and help authors make their work the best it can be by offering support in The Clinic.

Are you doing something more to help out around the site? Leave a comment below and let us (and other members) know what you are doing to help welcome people and keep the site awesome!

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Canibul1 month ago

I tried to leave a comment on today's Instructable about using non conventional heat sources to solder. Clicking the "Make Comment" button after finishing my comment didn't produce any apparent response. What's up?

www139 Canibul18 days ago

click the button twice.

Kiteman Canibul1 month ago

Comments sometimes play up. This is a known bug, and the workaround is to click outside the text box, then click the "Make Comment" button.

Canibul Kiteman1 month ago
okay, well, I did try that after reading your suggestion, and it still doesn't work. When I try to leave a comment, I see a message that I have to be logged in to comment. SO then I click on the Login, but it takes me somewhere else entirely.. No place near the post I wanted to comment on.

So, basically, I give up. I won't add the suggestion about using a bit of abrasive to clean the iron tip before using it after heating it in a smoky fire.
Canibul Kiteman1 month ago
Okay, thanks, I'll give that a try.

You into kites?
MarkF83 months ago

Hello, I am an absolute stickler for spelling and grammar and I get frustrated every time I see or hear a word or phrase used incorrectly or badly misspelled. This compulsion might bother others at times but it makes me a prime candidate to "proof" websites and articles.

Users are users and post their questions accordingly. But the answers should not only be accurate, but also spelled correctly with proper grammar, no? Therefore, I can offer my services as a checkpoint/editor/spell checker/proofreader.

And lest you think that an automated "spell checker" does the job good doesn't. I still see things like using the word "then" in place of "than", confusion of "your" and "you're", and ignorance of which (to, two or too) to use. Automated spell checkers rarely catch these and/or many more like them.

'nuf said. |-)

ShellyW1 MarkF82 months ago
And lest you think that an automated "spell checker" does the job good doesn't.

That should say well. Just saying.... ;)

tszodie2 months ago

I would suggest for folks trying to seek out the newest members Google can help with that also ..

> site:

now look for the pull-down tools

> search tools

> any time: select 24 hours, more or custom to see the last 4 days you missed.

> sorted by relevance: change to sort by date

> you can play a bit with the all results pull-down IE: not yet visited

YMMV but I use this function to lurk many of my forums and sites for date related material. I think that is concise but if pictures are needed just ask.

Cheers Tszodie

alcurb2 months ago

I've left over 120 comments on individual projects that other people posted. Most of my comments contain a praise for encouragement and a suggestion for improvement or a comment on my personal experience with a similar project. I'm always willing to support others.

pettkeper93 months ago

ok i may seem stupid for asking this but about the welcoming new people is this a part time job or is it just to help and do i just copy that message into thier orange bar. also how do i find new people

JM1999 pettkeper93 months ago

First, this is not a stupid question.

Nowhere does it tell you the questions you asked so it is a great question!

Anyways, welcoming new members can be done whenever you want, if you find a new member - welcome them!

I only find new members by looking at the recent Instructables, there is no "sort by" function for them.

So to answer your question fully, it is a job for whenever you feel like it and you can copy-paste the welcome or you can personalize it each time, it is up to you.

Hope this helped!

Loganw25434 months ago

this seems great for me! Kiteman sent me here because I'm only 15 but I also have a great record with technology and electric . Ihow would I be able to help out?


Read the post, please... it lists several things you can do.


Loganw25434 months ago

this seems great for me! Kiteman sent me here because I'm only 15 but I also have a great record with technology and electric . Ihow would I be able to help out?

DeanC14 months ago

Well, this sound like FUN! I can give you a long history of me; I was an Engineer for almost three decades, both field work, and at an HP Lab. And I like "Instructables." I'm a "member," (although I can't remember my login: My computer does that for me.) I'd be interested in helping out. And oh yeah, I'm disabled. That pretty much "stinks," but "You deal with the cards you're handed." So I'm kinda stuck here in Idaho; travel "ain't easy" for me. I'd like to see more about working with you. (Ha HA! I guess I'm "underselling" myself here.) <grin>

stephenfitton4 months ago

I utilize my abilities to overcome Industry stop points where research has reached a dead end or where a solution or cause of problem is not understood.

My possible help -at a distance- would be seeking answers to most often asked questions-(Not solved) Or producing a viable project where the spot has not been filled. PLease! send your list for initial comment or suggestions.

Let me take one for the team in thanks Regards...Stephen Fitton.

stephenfitton4 months ago

I utilize my abilities to overcome Industry stop points where research has reached a dead end or where a solution or cause of problem is not understood.

My possible help -at a distance- would be seeking answers to most often asked questions-(Not solved) Or producing a viable project where the spot has not been filled. PLease! send your list for initial comment or suggestions.

Let me take one for the team in thanks Regards...Stephen Fitton.

blondee.rdz4 months ago

Any open positions in Maryland?

AquinesA4 months ago

Hi I'm Aquines I read your info about new job openings in san francisco I was happy yet heart broken because I'd love to try for the job yet I live in philadelphia then I read about even if you live far away you have remote job openings or you can share ideas and inventions then submit them to your site. I like that idea and I'd like to submit my ideas and inventions in the near future..

my first idea how to build a loft bed for adults and children also how to build a home made pull out bed. I've been looking for ideas about it yet to give you some ideas I'm thinking of building either a loft type bed with dressers, stairs, room for a couch or futon and I'd like to have led lights run along it I was wondering if you like this idea and if you have any other ideas to add to it..

I'm the type to have many ideas yet no one to help me with the idea..

I was thinking what if your company could help those who have ideas yet they dont have a person to help them.. how about this.. how about a special program it goes like this if a person submits an idea or invention yet they need someone to help them build it maybe your company could send someone down to help the perosn with the idea?

because I have lots of ideas yet I need that extra person to help me build it..

thats my idea how does this idea sound to you..???

Kiteman AquinesA4 months ago

You don't need to seek permission to post projects, we're interested in EVERYTHING.

If you need help to build a project, your best option is to start a fresh topic in the Community Blog, and ask for help from folk in your area. If you do that, remember not to give out too many personal details, and make sure your first meetings are in a safe location (think "online dating").

mrsinde4 months ago

Have you ever thought about hiring a teacher to review projects to see if they are "student friendly?"

What do I have to do to become an article translation or this position is not available?

how old do you have to be to intern
You must be at least 18 years old. 

Here's more information about the Artist In Residence (intern) Program.

And FAQ's...

What is a "canucks"?

A Canuck is a Canadian and the Canucks are my NHL hockey team.

Wow, welcome back. It's been a while.

Thanks. :) I guess it has been a while.
(I blame the lack of subscription emails... Since they stopped, I don't get lured back as much).

Ha, I was just going to say the same thing as CD - you've been missed, you know.

Thanks. :)


how do i know if they are new or not?

You can check their profile, sometimes they'll even say they're new.

iceng6 months ago

Mostly I do try to point inept youngsters and the electrically lost about the simple and the dangerous aspects of my EE profession including circuit assistance when I have the will and time to do so. It is nice to receive Best Answer now and then.

blueangelical7 months ago

"Help Authors with their Instrucables" - you spelt Instructables wrong.

I don't believe it - this topic has been up six years, you're the first to spot that!

Zandoken Kiteman7 months ago
(removed by author or community request)

Actually Zandoken, sorry to burst your sarcastic bubble but I am correct and I quote "

Brits Prefer Spelt

Outside America, spelt is more common, but spelled is generally accepted. (This is almost certainly a result of American influence spreading.)

Read more at"

Just to be contrary, this Brit prefers "spelled", but pronounces it "spelt".

Grammar Monster appears to be an American site - it seems to think "burned" and "burnt" are directly synonymous, which, to any True Englishman*, they clearly are not.

(*like a True Scotsman, but more clearly enunciated...)

JM1999 Kiteman6 months ago

IMO, Spelled is grammar an spelt is a type of flour!

NATURALLYraw9 months ago

not sure if I matter at all just signed up today! I will however say this on my behalf; I try my best to educate others in what I believe is for human good. I love all man kind and nature. Honesty and natural are the utmost important. I strongly believe that each of us are teachers and students the same. Dumb and stupid are in fact not the same. Where dumb is simply not known and stupid is knowing but practiced. It therefore is not a negative to be dumb only a starting point and a stepping stone. Nothing is dumb to ask only stupid not too. I am a single parent of two. My children are 20 years apart! (I DON'T recommend this! Haha) sadly both of each of my children's fathers have died. First father died of drug overdose self inflicted. My second childs father sleep apnea. I am on SSD. Not welfare type I did work and paid into these funds. I am diagnosed with bi-polar disorder

( though it is my personal belief crazy; what I have a mental DISORDER because I don't think like another THINKS I should THink?! REALLY?!.) Haha...I love diversity myself. I learn by diversity. I also have a crippling form of arthritis, and back injuries from an auto accident and TMJ. Albert Einstein and Ben Franklin along with the Wright Brothers are amongst those that are my inspiration. And I need to give credit to my beloved late Uncle Steve who sadly died ward of the state's mentally ill, for it was he who said never leave a rock unturned and to always Think simple for most are to complicated and can't. He also said stay as far away from a box much less to just think outside of one! With that I say I am not a conformist! With this bit of information of myself you can imagine my life to be filled with many extreme ups and downs; though it is my personal way to say it's been nothing short of positive for its all who I am and my journey of learning and the life I am living. I will give my opinion both good and not so good so that we all can have something better understanding and live in a more compatible way. I loathe too mention but it has been my experience that the majority I have encountered do not like my way of honesty. I always pray for I often feel misunderstood.

I can't afford at this time to upgrade to pro but hopefully in time I will grow. I will to my part in giving what I can and know it comes straightforward right from my heart. I give thanks in allowing me to take part in you site, for life does not come with manuals!

Sincerely, NATURALLYraw a.k.a Mommy, MOM and BomBom

salimahmedbaig11 months ago

Hi, its a very good website to gain knowledge and i keep promoting it to my friends in India as i am in repair business i often make lot of self made diagnostics and TRICKS. I am creative minded. I often visit this site to know what the guys are up to. And every time i find something new which is great. I PROMOTE THIS SITE TO MY CLIENTS WHO HAS INTERESTS IN INNOVATIONS & CREATIVITY. Right now working out on energy generation by recycling of old AC and DC motors.

SWiiiTCH11 months ago

Who doesn't like random posts?

Chuck Norris Approves.jpg

I am leaving positive feedback to other community members :3

devanshu11 months ago

hi.. i am promoting this site within my school in India.. i am in grade 12 and love to make and design projects. I have a few suggestions regarding the website. This is a great medium for us youngsters to interact with street geniuses :D

trker3 years ago
because I would very much like to greet new members

Hi trker :0) Greeting new members should not be a job, it is an honour. We are all kind of a family around here (but mom loves me best) Hah hah ;0)

bobna2 years ago
where and when does one meet...

I have always thought a meet-up would be lots of fun :0)

Kiteman bobna2 years ago
Except for those employed at HQ, very few of us actually meet.

However, if you keep an eye out for Maker Faires in your area, there are often folk from the site in the crowd, or running stalls.
bobna Kiteman2 years ago
is there a list of fairs...
cordially. bobna
Kiteman bobna2 years ago

i have suggestion to the INSTRUCTABLES team. it's only an idea.

why can't make ur T-shirt more attractive and cooler.You can conduct a contest for selecting the new design for the T-shirt. maybe u can alter or change the logo a bit.

I would be really sad to see the shirt changed :0( I love the retro look, and I wear mine with pride. I wash it inside out, and never put it in the dryer. When I wear it to elementary schools, the kids love it! I get tons of wonderful comments. When that happens, I hand them an Instructables sticker. Fun way to meet kindred spirits.

Change the logo?? Noooooooooo!


LOL - seriously, though, try posting this as a fresh topic in the Feedback forum, see what folk think.

ToolboxGuy1 year ago

Do you offer membership for finding typos in website corporate provided information?

This article has one: Help Authors with their Instrucables


Five and a half years...

instructables is really amazing.i really had no idea where this stuff comes from.sharing each others views,projects,DIY i love it. i would like to help to join the new members.

I really want to tell everyone at indestructible that I am really loving this site. I have not posted anything that I have done on this site yet, but I am looking forward to the day that I do finally put one up. Then I needed to see if there was someone that could change my Screen name for me, since it automatically picked one for me I was not able to pick one on my own. I tried to change it in my profile but there was no spot that would allow me to change it. I also wanted to find out where we needed to go, if we wanted to apply for a job working remotely. This just sounds like a great company to work for, and I would love to start helping out anyway I can. -Christa

Hi, I am based in India and I have good command on both German and English languages. I can do the translations for your from German to English and vice versa. Please let me know.
You could post a topic in the English Language Help forums. 
darman121 year ago
I would like to welcome new users. Is there a way I can get a list of people who join every day?
the rocket1 year ago
i want to search for a member in instructables
If you know their user name, then the address you need is;'s+name+here

If you don't know it, or only know part of it, then you need to go to google, and type in the search string;

insert the bit you know here site:

hahah i discovered yesterday that my adress is
so i typed their name :P anw thanks :)
sunshiine2 years ago
I tried to give a pro membership coupon to someone but the form ask me for a credit card. I don't use my credit card online. Is there a way around that? Thanks in advance and I hope your day shines!
you just need to give them the "code" which will be something that looks like smile38shell. You can access this my going to your You page and click on the Pro Membership tab.
I forgot to mention I wanted to give this anonymously. Thanks for taking the time to answer this. Have a great day!
Thanks again your answer helped me!
If you know the user's email address, you can send an email from an address that s/he doesn't know.
If not, I can't think of a way to do this. Well, except for the obvious way: writing the code on top of a cake with chocolate, and having that cake delivered to hirs house, but you would need a snailmail address for that...
Thanks for the input, I think I have it taken care of! Have a great day!
schumi233 years ago
Is it impossible to do this now? Because it looks like a great thing to do, but (as a lot o people have said before me, the links do not work.) Are there any other ways?
This forum posting has just been updated, the links all work now!
OK, Thanks! Though, i guess that the answer is no, as i see no easy way to find new Instructablers
Though you might not be able to directly search for new Instructable members it's pretty easy to see who's new by simply hovering your mouse over any of the avatar pictures or by clicking on a member and viewing their member page. Another easy indicator is to look at the number/colour under the profile picture, this denotes the number of projects that person has authored.

As this updated forum topic shows, there's plenty of other ways to help out making new members feel welcome beyond the original Robot greeting.
Thanks for you reply!
So....,Hire me already!
trker3 years ago
Do you have to sign up for greeting new members or can you just greet them?
LoneWolf5 years ago
The link to new members isn't working.
Did you need to repeat the same comment, less than twelve hours later (and therefore guaranteed to have not even been read yet?
No, I guess not. I'm just bored right now.
Ah, I see ;->  Perhaps you should make something, like a paper wallet :-)
Haha, that's not a bad idea :) You never know when you'll need a wallet that will desenagrate when it gets wet.
that not a bad idea trying to hid something let it dissovle not being sarcastic you wouldnt have to eat it or burn it to get rid of it
I find this exchange really amusing considering it's in response to a post about being friendly and helping new members...

The only thing I have to say in response is - Laziness is the only possible cause of boredom.  Oh yeah and - paper comes from trees and is a valuable natural resource, I'd have to agree that applying it to purposes for which it is horrifically unsuited is DUMB (oops was that not nice?).
(ALiveOne - click on Kelseymh's name...)
I've moved on with my life, this is days old...
Pity you couldn't have moved on before you responded to the wrong level of a post that was a month old at the time you jumped in.
Haha, yeah it's kind of a pointless conversation.

Despite your comment, I am not lazy. The reason I spend so much time on instructables is cause' I homeschool and my parents let me go on instructables while the questions load and when I have spare time. But they DON'T let me run off and go work on my latest project or drawing during school. Thus I'm not lazy, I would perfer to spend at least some of my time on instructables drawing or building.
You should really get down to making some  things - popping comments all over the place isn't the same as doing something great and having people comment to you.

I am working on an instructable at the moment. Though I'm trying to make my own drawing to illustrate almost every step of the instructable,thus, I've been working on it two weeks and it's only halfway done.
Haha, nice :)
kelseymh4 years ago
It is now essentially impossible to find new members in any way in order to welcome them.  The URL above has not worked for months.  The old "graphical search" also had the "People" option removed.  The new Google-based search is unsorted in any way, neither by date nor even by relevance.

This great forum topic probably needs to be edited to comment out the "Welcome new users" section, since it cannot be accomplished except by happenstance.
kcls kelseymh4 years ago
Well, how does the instructables robot do it? Oh, wait... it's his special amazing robot powers, isn't it.
kelseymh kcls4 years ago
kcls kelseymh4 years ago
kelseymh kcls4 years ago
Robot has direct access to the database, and can use Structured Query Language to interrogate the database directly, rather than going through Web pages and URLs.  Robot is the backend server, after all.
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