How to Make a Report Card

Ok so how do you make a fake report card? or scan your report card and change things profesionaly looking

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Shaunn77 years ago
I got photoshop and a scanner, so how do you scan the reportcard. i have good grades its just i got 2 C's and i want to change it to B's. please help
bumpus7 years ago
Been there, done that. :D
*gasp* bumpus!
No, I did a project relating to image modification, and purposely copied and showed my report card around. Worked like a charm!

Hehe, I got a 147 in chem that year..
yuckzee (author)  bumpus7 years ago
could you be more descriptive...or make a instructable...i bet it would get good ratings
yuckzee (author) 7 years ago
Ok your getting this wrong,my grades are all A's and B's...i just think it would make a good instruct able or to rase a grade up 5% or something
Faking a report card is dishonorable and dishonest. A report card showing all As does you no good if you don't know anything.
It won't help you pass, only avoid confrontation with parents.....well, no not avoid, put off for a bit I should say. Once the person repeats the grade the parents SHOULD be a little suspicious.....then there will really be *3LL to pay....
Except your skill as a government worker.

Y'know, the whole cover it up, shovel some b/s on it and leave it?
Kiteman7 years ago
Oh-ho! Is somebody expecting an F or three? Forging a report card could be as simple as Tipex-and-photocopy, or it could need photoshop and special papers, depending on what you're trying to change. A photo or scan of the offending document would help other choose the best option for you.
*gasp* Kiteman!

Serously though, I think he's got it. I'm assuming Tipex is whiteout... If the card has a watermark of some sort, you'll probably have to use photoshop, otherwise it might not copy correctly...
I never had the facilities to forge reports when I needed to, because they were on carbonless-copy paper. When I got to university, though, and edited the student newspaper, it was that happy period between the invention of the photocopier and the dawn of proper security-features in identity cards.
gmjhowe Kiteman7 years ago
Photoshop and a good scan is the way to go though. And when you work at a printing works, it makes things so much easier!