How to Popularize your Instructable

I added a section called Popularizing your Instructable to the How to make a Great Instructable Instructable. Some of the tips there will surely be useful to those of you trying to get your wallets noticed.

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thydzik10 years ago
I think the popular instructables on the homepage need to be refreshed every day. I have seen the same ones on the homepage for the last fortnight.
ewilhelm (author)  thydzik10 years ago
We've finally fixed this problem!
canida thydzik10 years ago
The popular listing is algorithmic, and yes we need and are working on a better algorithm.
zachninme canida10 years ago
I have no clue what your algorithm is, but maybe...

views*sqrt(rating) / (days * days * days)

Days is the number of days its been around.

If rating is negative, it isn't even considered to be popular.
This way, if they're popular, they should be able to hold that for a week, but after that, days3 will get too large.

Thats just an idea, I have no clue what your current system is, but exponential seems like the best way to keep them new.

If thats already your formula, I deserve a prize! Your laser cutter, please!
Brennn10 canida10 years ago
So would it be like the old homepage where the pictures would rotate? So the Featured and the Popular ones could fade to new ones.