How to add to Favorites?

How do you add an interesting Instructable to my favorites under the YOU tab? Thanks

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dnorm7 years ago
 the answer to this question has changed...    you gotta be a Pro Member to save favorites
Jennine1178 years ago
Once it's one of your favorites though is there a way to view all of those projects? I keep looking but can't find anything that would let me do that.
If your go to your "you" page, click on the instructactables tab, then click on favorites.
Thanks, found it!
to add to your favs you look at the bottom of the pic and your see the favrite button click it if you dont want it to be on your favs click un-fav
kenbob10 years ago
How do i remove a favorite?
coolflame kenbob10 years ago
i'd like to know that too. this +/- favorites thing is not well figured out yet. needs improvement now! btw, sorting articles makes me also crazy - i'd like to see the very first instructables. but only showing 15 out of over 4400 and only giving me a 'next' button ... well ... needs improvement.
LasVegas10 years ago
Also easy to use the search field in the upper right to see if a question has already been asked.
icebird LasVegas10 years ago
Vegas, I think your comment is a bit unfair (snippy) to an noob. It's not immediately obvious that the site-wide search box searches the forums as well as instructables (though it should be obvious that the search box on the left here does). Likewise, it is not at all clear that clicking the + next to the rating (not even a tool-tip window here) is how you add a favorite--I had to come here to figure it out as well. It would be easy to represent the add-favorite link more clearly.
LasVegas icebird10 years ago
I really don't see it as "snippy" more than simply informative of another way of finding answers to FAQs.
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