How to arm a British nuclear bomb

All you need is a single bike-lock key - no codes, no Presidential authorisation.

[ Watch the video]

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That's still more safe than a simple push-button =o]
Push to arm. Release to detonate.
Goodhart darus6710 years ago
Kind of like the Javascript commands: mousedown and mouseup events :-)
royalestel10 years ago
Holy heck. You Brits really are crazy. Of all the idiotic, stupid, short-sighted imperial ideal leftovers this has got to be tops. I'm stunned. I can hardly believe it.
. I assume that the things are stored in VERY high security areas, which would (hopefully) mean that even if you had the key, it would be hard to use it w/o permission. Not all Brits are as crazy as Kiteman. heehee
Kiteman (author)  royalestel10 years ago
Lookit! If I turn the power dial up to 11, and the timer down to zero and turn this key I get a really bi...


Goodhart Kiteman10 years ago
This is in the wrong thread then.....the one on Flash/bangs is down a couple of spots. :-)
. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!
Kiteman (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
This is an article about the bombs used to be armed. They use codes like everybody else, now.

(Oh, and the airforce just used to keep their bombs in hangars on normal air-bases, and any sailor with an agenda and access to a gun would have been able to get at the nukes stored on submarines. Thank goodness they installed codes before somebody invented "war on terror").
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