How to become a Vampire

Ok, I am wanting to become a Vampire. In all my years of research I have become a Dragon, Werewolf, Mermaid, Wizard, and I am now temporarily an Owl. I know it sounds crazy but I am trying to peck the keys. I have previously split genes and tried potions, spells and meditating. It does work but what do I do to become a Vampire? I can take all the help I can get.
Yes. It does hurt a little when you transform into the myth or animal. If you realize what you're doing and know what you are doing then it should hurt.


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Kiteman5 years ago
Can we please give this topic a rest?

If you genuinely want to be a vampire, ask yourself why, then get help to solve that problem, rather than trying to hide from it in a commercialised mythology.

If you just want to learn about vampires, try one of these links.

did you ever find out how to become a vampire and how did you become all those other things
I'll answer for the author: No, they didn't, and they never changed in real life.
Not hate.

Science, logic, evidence, rationalism, reality, but no hate.

Maybe a little pity as well.
maybe you do have pity but i have hope.. hope that theyre out there somewhere. Its not a game to me. Its not fake to me like it is to everyone else out there. I will find a vampire and i WILL become a vampire. Im sorry that we dont agree..
When you are next shopping for more vampire books, raise your eyes a little.

See that sign at the top of the shelves?


Vampires are not real, you will not find one, and you will not become one.

You will find it more useful to explore and deal with the issues that make you want to escape into a fictional myth, rather than facing reality.
screw you theyre out there brother..
Prove it, "brother".
One day.. ?I will find you
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