How to become a Vampire

Ok, I am wanting to become a Vampire. In all my years of research I have become a Dragon, Werewolf, Mermaid, Wizard, and I am now temporarily an Owl. I know it sounds crazy but I am trying to peck the keys. I have previously split genes and tried potions, spells and meditating. It does work but what do I do to become a Vampire? I can take all the help I can get.
Yes. It does hurt a little when you transform into the myth or animal. If you realize what you're doing and know what you are doing then it should hurt.


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Kiteman4 years ago
Can we please give this topic a rest?

If you genuinely want to be a vampire, ask yourself why, then get help to solve that problem, rather than trying to hide from it in a commercialised mythology.

If you just want to learn about vampires, try one of these links.

did you ever find out how to become a vampire and how did you become all those other things
I'll answer for the author: No, they didn't, and they never changed in real life.
Not hate.

Science, logic, evidence, rationalism, reality, but no hate.

Maybe a little pity as well.
maybe you do have pity but i have hope.. hope that theyre out there somewhere. Its not a game to me. Its not fake to me like it is to everyone else out there. I will find a vampire and i WILL become a vampire. Im sorry that we dont agree..
When you are next shopping for more vampire books, raise your eyes a little.

See that sign at the top of the shelves?


Vampires are not real, you will not find one, and you will not become one.

You will find it more useful to explore and deal with the issues that make you want to escape into a fictional myth, rather than facing reality.
screw you theyre out there brother..
Prove it, "brother".
One day.. ?I will find you
Let me help...
LOL, I have a wanna-be-undead stalker!
im a vampire. its easy to become one. just ask to be bitten or your have to be born one. i was born one and my boyfriend asked me to bite him. its very painful to be bitten or so my bf says i cant bite you cuz it will give my location away so dont ask and btw how did you become a owl?
your a vampire to I was born one myself its such a pain isn't it
So you were born a vampire that is cool. how do you turn people int vampires
well since i'm a vampire i can tell you poeple think that all you have to do is get bitten and you are one but that not true a vampire has to drink some of your blood and then the human has to drink some of the vampires blood and then the vampire has to kill the human and then they you go the human is a vampire to the end any more Qu.

P.S. all the talk about BLOOD is making me go craz.....bye got to go
please turn me. its all i want. ill do anything for you
please ive been researching and searching for a vampire and if you say what you are please teach me and turn me
Please. look I did everything ,I read everything . I did a research but nothin changed me. I beg you. I'll do anything. Just turn me. Please. I wanna be a vampire so badly. Please! I'll do anything!
There's a reason you have not been able to become a vampire:

Vampires are not real!

(As a teacher, I'm slightly ashamed that these people have gone through a modern Science education, and yet still think that the Twilight books are real.)
well maybe thats not how all of them are some of us can be born one like i was im 25 (just counting the years 26 on the 4th)and i still look like a 10 yr old. so maybe you not allways right i mean my mom or dad (collage teach.) is not right all of the time. maybe its just your kind. there are many dif. kinds of vampires that i know of.
no is tht a bad thing? i only eat things like mountains lions and bears. :O
Now, I'm not sure if either of you are vampires. Vampires are supposed to be UNDEAD. . . Well, actually, semi-undead. The agent that transforms you into a vampire basically mutates you (Or "Transforms", if you are persnickety) to the state known as a vampire. There isn't a trace of vampiric "blood" in human blood, especially considering the fact that vampires don't really have their "own" blood -- it is all stolen from another being to filter their body (i.e. kidneys, liver, etc.).

As for the ten year old thing. . . Maybe you got cursed?
Wolf6 Thergox4 years ago
Someone change me please. I need it. My life is horrible. I need to live a new life. I don't want to die. I wanna turn into a vampire. If someone could without killing me forever message me. Please. I'd love to know!
I could say the same for you. What can I say -- ignorance is like a disease these days. . .
u know im kinda hungry right now and i might just visit you so watch out bozo
Can i join? i'll bring my wooden stakes, and garlic >:D
How cute.
psh im not cursed i just mean that my face is like a 10 yr old i still have zits. its awful
no i really do i live with my g-ma in cali and mountain lions come to eat the cats that live in the place
Can you please turn me into a vampire?
I really want to be one!!!
I'm trying to figure out how to become one! but i don't find anything!!!
i know how you need to die with vampire blood in you system and when you wake up you need human blood
1. Become purely fictional...
can you please help me?
hay can you please come and turn me ????????
maybe but its very painful
could you turn me plz????????? i would realy appreciate it!
hey would you help me become a vampire?? i realy want to be a me please
ok i will do that now
but i want to become a vampire myself . and if i can't who too ask to bite me
Can u tell me where anyone you know is thts a vampire i really want to become one.
You know, if you guys really were vampires, then you wouldn't be spilling all of this stuff about yourselves on the net would you?
And trust me on this one, i would stop straight away before....
Wolf64 years ago
Spell casters, Please let me know how to become a wolf! Like shape shift. Please? thanks just message me?
Kiteman Wolf64 years ago
Spell casters are not real.
Magic is not real.
Vampires are not real (unless you are a bat).
Werewolves are not real.

Tough, but this is a Maker site. We deal in reality, not fantasy, delusion, fiction and mythology.
Thergox5 years ago
Have you tried getting bitten? It's probably the most efficient way to do so, if painful -- though, judging by your past experiences, it should be nothing compared to shapeshifting. Though it is quite scary to feel the life ebb right from your very soull. . .
Wolf6 Thergox4 years ago
How do you shape shift? I shape shifted once. I hated being the ''little mermaid'' Help? Please. I need my wolf back!
dorin19194 years ago
its clearly impossible to become one
caitlinsdad4 years ago
The vampire's union called. Boo.
i'm really 15 but i look like a 8 year old people think being a vampire is SO COOL
but vamp. lifehas its ups and downs
your a vampire to I was born one myself its such a pain isn't it
I think being a wizard would be cool its so hard being a vampire
please come a make me a vampire i really want to be one PLEASE!!!!!!!!
wolf9964 years ago
Vampires Are Soulless Creatures And They Are Impure That's WHy They Are Allergic To Silver,Garlic, And Holy Water. And No Soul Means No Reflection
Hmm... close relatives to gingers?
Maybe I'm Still Not Sure I Am Studying Their Behavior They Like To Fight Over Who Is More Ginger
same i have always wanted to be a vampire i think i would be awesome i have read so many vampire books and always dream and think myself as a vampire i really want to be one but i dont know how its sad and hard to think that i will never become one and i badly want to! idk how but i badly want to aswell i have been human for 17 years and i hate it i want to kill myself but if i become a vampire then i could live my life all over again... and i could be 17 for a while...
Think a moment - how would becoming the reviled embodiment of pure evil, and eternally 17, be better than putting up with the transient issues of being a real 17 year old?
I would Like to become a Vampire Myself, But I really never heard of or seen real Vampires around me. I am really into becoming one and dont care how to become one whether I get bit or not. I really want to become one so I can live a Different life a better newer Life. I only ask that If one of those who said would change some one would look upon a lowly person as I to change me as a willing but faithful servant to the Vampire cause to make all know what we are. Thank you and if one of you should drop by my door step i would be Glad to meet you if need be to talk in private give me a message back.
VAMPIREE4 years ago
Into a Vampire.
VAMPIREE4 years ago
Turn me please.
answer#14 years ago
Ok so i have the answer to any mythical question . If you wold like to turn into a vampire then this is what you do .

Step1: The vampire will have to suck your blood
Step2: You will have to drink some of the vampires blood to have it in your system
Step3: You will have to die and so that way you can relive and your new life would be a vampire life.
my bffs (brea lexie and sydney) are mermaids. they looked it up on line lolz
ilpug5 years ago
Okay, please tell me how to be a wizard. That would be FAR OUT MAN.
same here that would be (quote) far out man
iliketofart4 years ago
this is hilarious!!
Nah I don't feel like walking
Dude ur out of ur mind becoming a vampire messes ur head up u feel so much pain that u want to fall and die again so I don't recommend u that but if u insist I could help my best friend is a witch I am a vampire but I am on veg so I can't help much also be careful with loud noises 5.76 beat
hi if you are areal vampire can you come bit me plz i live in wisconsin milwaukee and on greenfeild 24 south aparment b and my name is trevor and i would love it if you can come and make me a vampire plz
I still dont know how to turn into a vampire
mrandolph15 years ago
You became a mermaid your so lucky I've always wanted to become a mermaid please share with me your secret I really want to become one so will you please share with me
Lol, singing sailors to there deaths sounds like fun :)
randofo5 years ago
I always wanted to be a duck. I may never be a duck.
That kind of negativity will prevent you from ever realizing your waterfowl dreams.
I have never understood the desire to become foul....
Have you considered having your colleagues throw things past your head?
If you could create an instructable on turning yourself into an owl, I would be very excited.

Also, your typing skills are excellent.
Pecking skills
If he's typing out commands, would you call them pecking orders?
give a hoot, don't pollute. There IS a possibility that the dragon could fly, and so if it is a dragon fly, it could get squashed.  Makes sense to me....
Why would anyone ever go from being a dragon to being anything else? From burninating to hooting? I don't get it.
give a hoot, don't pollute. There IS a possibility that the dragon could fly, and so if it is a dragon fly, it could get squashed.  Makes sense to me....
lemonie5 years ago
You need to learn how to emotionally suck/leech off another person. I'm not going to tell you how.

Mmmmm....the sweet, sweet taste of bitterness :->
I'm not bitter, that's just how I perceive "vampires" in real-terms.

Yeah, you might say being a vampire both bites AND sucks at the same time.
I don't think most people need instructions...
Most people are victims; it's a predatory thing.

>Most people are victims

And here I thought *you* were the cynical one. ;)
Put alternatively; most people aren't psychopaths.

Maybe not psychopaths, but there are an awful lot of tools roaming about...
spellcasters (author) 5 years ago

Actually, about the owl thing you should check out my other forum that I've created. It tells you how to become an owl. It is really hard, but you might pull it off. The "rules" are very very very very strict. You have to study for months possibly even years. I know you might think that I am a phony and not telling the truth but I am a Girl of my word. Trust me, PLEASE.

Yours Truly,
You do realize that an owl is one of the least intelligent birds out there? It's brain is barely the size of it's eye. :-)

Do you realize that I still had MY brain, there is no choice.

Think about what you're saying,

Not to sound facetious or anything, but how would you fit your brain into the skull of an owl (*I'm SO confuuuuused*) ;-)
That's weird because owls are usually associated with intelligence.
I know, and it has to do with their big eyes...people think they look wise; but amongst the birds....they aren't very bright....efficient hunters, yes.....but they don't learn much :-)
Goodhart5 years ago
An owl eh? Sounds about right.....
kelseymh5 years ago
Have you tried coating yourself with glitter glue?
^ Best Answer.
Spurring the entertainment route, maybe get into the financial services field, say variable rate mortgages, credit cards or opening simple checking accounts.
Used wombly auto salesperson.
gmjhowe5 years ago
Soon? That was published Jan 4, 2011. Did that just show up now? Robot had better work on those filters.
I have been waiting since then to use it.


monsterlego5 years ago
Why do you want to be one in the first place?

Just watch Twilight and you'll be happy you're an owl

WWC5 years ago
Dear Mr/Ms Spellcasters.

I think this is an incorrect forum for this question. As this forum is many for Dixon Ticonderoga enthusiastic personal. I suggest you try Vampires - R - US or Vampire transformer inc. I hope this will help you out.

For the last 26 years I have diligently studied to become a robot. I have gone so far as to modifying my internal support structure with titanium and spray-painting my outer mesh with silver. Please help, you're my only hope.
wilgubeast5 years ago
Should have stuck with wizard, developed your skills a bit, then transformed yourself using WIZARD POWERS. Failing that, a set of novelty teeth and a few years shunning sunlight will get you the look. Fake it till you make it.