How to boot up a computer

I just changed the motherboard in my computer and i dont now how to boot it up whit out a floppy drive(cause i dont have one). Can anyone please help me!!!

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Here is what he sent me in my message box (I told him to post it here too, but he did not ...) :

before i press F1 IT says:

Main processor:intel(r) celeron d cpu 3.46ghz(133x260)
memory testing:523 264k ok

IDE channel 0 master: IBM-dtla-307075 txaoa50c
IDE channel 0 slave: none
IDE channel 1 master: none
IDE channel 1 slave: pioneer dvd-rom atapimodel dvd-115 0127 e1.27

IDE channel 2 master: none
IDE channel 3 master: none

IDE channel 0 no 80 conductor cable installed
floppy disk(s) fail(40)

press F1 to continue, DEL to enter setup

So, my guess is that he uses an old 40 pins IDE cable instead of a newer and thiner 80 pins cable.

Also, I would recommend him to set his DVD-ROM drive as master instead of slave.
BoomGuy10 years ago
There are a lot of things you don't tell us. Specifically what you have and how you want the computer to boot. Do you have an existing OS on your hard drive? ( If so you may have to update the OS, depending on the differences between the new and old motherboard. ) Are you installing a new OS on the hard drive? In any case what OS are you planning to run. Presumably you are using another computer to connect to the internet. What is that computer like? What OS? Does it have a CD burner attached? Most CD burning software comes with the option of making a bootable CD. If all you want to know is how to configure the computer to boot from floppy, Cd or Hard Drive. You need to enter the Bios. The computer should make this obvious during boot ( It should say something like "Press ... to enter bios". In the bios there will be an option to change boot device. In fact this should all be in the mobos manual. BTW which mobo did you put in? Ok. How are you getting on the int
industructable (author) 10 years ago
I alredy changed the fing so it would boot from a cd but i need a cd whit somekind of boot program on it lol
In this case, you may have to find someone that either has a bootable cd or have them download / work with Bootable CD creation
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Oh, if you can get online, with your current computer, you should be able to burn a bootable CD with the instructions in the link in my last post. If not, we will have to look at another way to do this..
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I think chooseusername is right - you need to set the BIOS to boot from the HDD (I usually set mine to boot from CD first and then HDD). Instructions on how to do it should have come with the mobo or be available on the manufacturer's web site.
Goodhart10 years ago
Do you mean configuring the BIOS ? Getting it to past system signon ?
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
It does sound like you have to assign "where you want it to boot from" in the bios.
industructable (author) 10 years ago
my operating system is in my hard drive(that i did not remove) i just changed the motherboard.
theque10 years ago
i think he means he has not installed the operating system yet. Whereas i believe all he needs to do is put the cd-rom in and pop-in the disks. But i really dont know much about the innards of a computer anyway...
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