How to build a floating water polo goal post


Does anyone know how to build a floating water polo goal post
I need to buil one to use it in the sea ?

Thank you in advance,

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I'm thinking build the frame with guttering, so that the concave side (where the water collects) is facing down into the water, you could even fill this trough with a long float or 'noodle' and use tie cables to hold them there, then simply clip on drainage down pipes (or up pipes in this case) to form the upright struts and then attach some netting.
tru north5 years ago
OK ... Greece eliminated Canada from Olympic qualification yesterday (men's) so I'm a wee bit bitter - lol! (kinda)
But ... I got my netting from a commercial fishing supplier - it was all scrap to them. They gave it to me for free ... went back with a cold 6 pack of beer and everyone was very happy!
Stability will be an issue as the front of the goal has more material/weight and has to stand vertically ... corrected for that by making the goal about 1 M deep to balance things.
Wish I had some pictures for you but it was several years ago.
Luck to you.

PS. some friends built some a few years ago - different from mine but - check Sunshine Coast Sockeye Waterpolo on Facebook for some pictures.
dimitemma (author)  tru north5 years ago
Greek men's team is becoming better every year. But anyway I didn't expect this 10-6 on Canada.
Unfortunatelly Sunshine Coast Sockeye Waterpolo doesn't bring any results on Facebook.
Our page on facebook is We have a goal made of iron there. The goal I want to build is for my country house area in Peloponese.

Hi Dimitris,
Well, congratulations to your team anyway ...
Don't know what's up with FB - try Sunshine Coast Water Polo Club???
These goals are made mostly of wood and work well. Maybe someone on that page might help with ideas.
Thanks for the link to your group - looks like lots of fun.
beenthere5 years ago
Hope the goal you built is working fine for you. Where do I buy the net and how much should I expect to pay? Thanks in anticipation.
dimitemma (author)  beenthere5 years ago
I will not pay for an original water polo net because it costs around 50 Euros. I will try to find a replacement like a net made from high density polyethylene
dimitemma (author) 5 years ago
Dear All,

Thank you for your input.
I will try to build it during Greek Easter time in my country home.
I am a little bit concerned about the stability in the water.

I will let you know.

Best Regards,
tru north5 years ago
Brain cramp here ... the white PVC pipe is far more rigid than the black ABS ... use the white stuff!
tru north5 years ago
Yeah, I've done it ... PVC is the way to go.

Keep them light.
Used 2 inch pipe and fittings, fish netting, rope and floated them with pool noodles. Strapped the noodles under the base behind the posts ... sorta like those pull boys that are two parallel tubes of closed cell foam held together with straps, one noodle on each side of the pipe.
(leave my low corners open please!)
You will have problems balancing your nets front to back. Kinda have to make the net about 3 ft. deep with less floatation at the back - maybe even add weight!

The crossbar will have to be braced to make it stronger and keep it from bending. Mine had 'T' fittings about 2.5 ft. in from each post ...1 ft. lengths of pipe gave the goal depth before 45 degree fittings angled longer pieces of pipe bracing down to T's in the crosspiece at the back of the goal and waterline. (Swivel the T's to line things up as you wish)

I used 6 X 90 degree fittings, 4 X T fittings and 2 X 45 degree fittings.
Sorry, I forget the lengths of pipe sections I used ... but I did try to be efficient with an 8 ft. section of PVC.
You can determine the length of the posts, the crossbar (2 short pieces ??? to the T's and the center section), the back waterline base (matches the crossbar) and the 2 short top/depth braces (1 ft. ???).

Dry fit - smart to do this a lot! - and swivel the T fittings to get the shape and thus the lengths you want for the long bottom braces and sides of the goal base.
Dry fit again before cementing into final position.

Add netting with twine or ???

Worry about floating the nets now ... expect many trials and tribulations.

Make up some simple anchors with twine and bungee cords to 'kinda' hold the nets in place ... and PLAY!

PS. Yup, these posts are round but at least they're posts.

PPS. Actually built my nets in 3 sections ( 2 ends with posts and a center section) for ease of transport and storage ... didn't glue the 2 long center sections and had long netting on the post sections. We fed the long pipe sections thru the net loops and lashed the netting in the middle. It was a hassle but only a few times a year.

Good luck!
Kiteman5 years ago
I would build the goals from PVC pipe, place it on floats made of plastic storage boxes (sealed water-tight with hot-glue or silicon caulk), with bricks under the boxes for stability.
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