How to climb a 1,768 foot tower

Those tall transmission towers need maintenance which means that someone has to get up there to do the work. This video shows just how that's done. Full-screen view is highly recommended.

Picture of How to climb a 1,768 foot tower
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craftyv7 years ago
One foot at a time. LOL
wizgirl7 years ago
ugghh, i feel nauseous now.
I was once terrified of heights, but now, only if I am not on something "solid" (even a small 2 seater airplane is solid enough), but this makes me giddy.

When he said it was "just" another 60 feet to the top, I had to turn it off.  I felt like "I" was going to fall. *shiver" 

I went back and eventually viewed the whole thing....and he ends with "that's how you climb to the top of a transmission tower."

WRONG !  That's how YOU climb to the top of a transmission tower,  I wouldn't do it. :-)
NatNoBrains7 years ago
If he let go, he would die? God, I'm sweating like hell!
I do that every monday.
They need to build some stairs.
it would be terrifying on the way up, but really fun to parachute down! am i the only crazy one thinking that?!
BASE jumper, eh?
lol i wish. canadian eh?
but how would i climb down?!!
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