How to compete with neighbors' lush lawns and catch toads?

I am in the process of attracting and catching a toad for an Instructable. There's a few problems with that, but none so big as this: Toads like moist environments. It's a fact. My yard - dry as the Sahara. Well, maybe not that dry, but compared to my neighbors' lawns, it is. My neighbors have nearly constant sprinklers, pools, buckets of water (or as I like to call them, mosquito farms), and always-on exterior lights. In case you don't know, that's nearly heaven for a toad/frog. I go out at twilight/dark to find a toad, and I hear them everywhere - except in my yard. I'd go get one from my neighbor's lawn, but that'd be trespassing, and for a dumb reason. Do any of y'all know of a way that I could turn the toads' attention from my neighbors' lawns to mine? I can't do anything major, like building a pond, but any little things to bring them closer to my home would be good. Thanks, and if I can get a toad, expect to see an iBle coming from me! (Note: substitute frog for toad if you want - it's just that toads are more terrestrial and would in theory be easier to catch.)

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Doctor What9 years ago
You could ask your neighbors. Just say, "Can I catch a few toads for school?" Using the school bit is a great excuse. Whenever I ask for a weird thing (like asking my aunt for three poodle skirts), I use the school excuse. "Can you start collecting altoids cans for me?" "Why?" "School." "Do you have any knitting needles I can have?" "Why?" "School." "Do you have any dead snakes in your yard?" "Why?" "School." "Can I have a pint of your urine?" "Why?" "School."
Why would you need a whole pint of urine? Any projects I've done have usually required only a few ounces.
Yeah, but I mess up alot, and I like the taste.
Oh. That explains it.

You don't drink it straight up do you?? I prefer to mix mine with Irish whiskey and cat diarrhea first.
Thank you for tattooing that image to the inside of my eyelids.
Why did you need three poodle skirts?
. ROFLMAO Out of that list, poodle skirts is the one you're wondering about? It's the last one that has me wondering.
Yeah the last one got me wondering too... I'm not sure if I want to know. I still want to know about the poodle skirts though!
School. No, really, school. I put on a presentation of the fifties for my history class. In our group, we had three guys, and three girls. I wore one of the poodle skirts...
And here I was thinking a poodle skirt was another torture device for dogs!
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