How to connect a dsi to msn and Facebook- Solved!

I figured it out!
This is a really simple message that is secure on how to get msn and facebook, and gtalk and a bunch of other chat machines to work on the brand new nintendo dsi. Without voiding the warranty, of course.

1: Get the opera browser on dsi, if you haven't yet.
2: Go to on your dsi.
3:Sign in (you can sign onto msn, then at the bottom of the next screen there is a button that says add more networks (or something like that)
4: Now you can use all your accounts!
but that takes time. I suggest creating an e-buddy ID so you only need one username and password.

So far, this is the only guide I have found on the web. Has anyone else found any other ways? Please post!

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dombeef8 years ago
Oh yeah I use it on my DS lite with my card!Still very cool
Bartboy (author)  dombeef8 years ago
Facebook doesn't work on dsi.
How come it doesn't work on your dsi??? because I need to get it on my dsi. I also need to get MSN?
Bartboy (author)  llimey leah7 years ago
It does,
you have to go to
okay but when i try to get MSN it doesn't work how can i get iy to work???
Bartboy (author)  llimey leah6 years ago
If you go to it will work.
dombeef Bartboy8 years ago
Ok but I dont have a dsi so I wouldnt know
Vynash7 years ago
Thanks for the AIM!!!, and I also found a site, (found it my self, IT STINKS!) so thank you so much for this!
Hamkey8 years ago
To use Facebook on the DSi, i just load the browser, and go to the new Facebook site called Facebook Lite. It's good original Facebook, without annoying apps. Just go to Lite Facebook on your DSi. It works :)!!
Bartboy (author)  Hamkey8 years ago
I know. That does not allow you to use the chat. This does.... And that didn't exist when I wrote this....
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