How to cure procastination forever...

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Oblivitus7 years ago
Procrastination is actually a good thing in my experience. It greatly improves my productivity. Whenever I get tired of working on one thing, I put it off and go back to something else that I put off. It creates unending motivation.
DJ Radio (author)  Oblivitus7 years ago
For me if I put something off it means I don't wanna do it.
I have really bad procrastination problems. I have only ever done one piece of homework this year (semester) and that was in detention. Lol.
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
Are you failing school or something?
No, i just never do homework.
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
In my school you fail the class if you don't do homework.
oooooohhh i get it before i felt stupid for not getting it now i get it haha that's funny
I'll comment later.
DJ Radio (author)  Millawi Legend7 years ago
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