How to cut a vinyl record?

hi. i wanna build a frame like this:

but i dont know how i can cut the record. i tried so far a carpet cutter, glass cutter, i tried to stamp out with a hot metal but nothing worked.

any other suggestions???

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davemirl3 years ago

I've had terrific luck with using a scroll saw. You can see some of what I've done at I do like the idea of heating up a metal ring and pushing it through. Will have to try that for a couple of things. BE CAREFUL of the fumes whenever heating vinyl, they are very bad for you!

Cleopatran4 years ago
You could also heat up the record (100 degrees celsius for around 1.5 minute / 2 minutes). Just mark on the record a cuttingline and cut it with scissors. A con with this method is that it cools very fast so you probably have reheat the record again. When you got the piece you want but its bent you can simply reheat it again and put it between two books to get it in its correct form.
oddartist5 years ago
I use a lot of vinyl records in my art. My favorite tool it the 'hot knife' I picked up at a craft store years ago. It's essentially a razor knife that heats up. Costs less than $20 but I got 2 for $5 each on sale.
Go slowly, don't press too hard, and use a cuticle remover to take the build-up off the edge. I'll do an Instructable the next time I use it.
This is very smart! I look forward to the instructable. :D
lemonie5 years ago
Hot metal ring*, you'd have to get it ~250oC in an oven and give it a firm-push.


* you might find a steel food-can of the right diameter.
Lemonie is right
caitlinsdad5 years ago
You need a 3.5 inch diameter hole saw, think that is the size of the label.  Maybe freeze or stick the record in the fridge before you cut if you see the vinyl gumming up.  Get the drill up to speed, preferably in a drill press and have scrap backing for the drill follow-through to prevent tearout on the other side.  
MaryT8M5 years ago
We used the attachment used for cutting holes in doors for the doorknob......the biggest one we could find
pwray15 years ago
If I was going to use an electric saw for cutting vinyl records I think I would use the scroll saw as this has variable speed so could cut as slow as you wanted without melting the vinyl and jamming the blade
Chicken22098 years ago
i would definitely use an electric saw here most power saws like a table saw, miter box, band saw would work
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