How to delete drafts of the Design Challenges?

Recently, I participated in the Bose Build contest. While I was editing m entry for the contest to upload proper rendering I created some 8 drafts of the same design and now they are stored in my drafts folder. The moment I try to edit it, it says that the I'ble is not compatible with this editor!

alamtania (author) 14 days ago

Tried to upload it in the post itself but did not work! So commented the screenshot here.

Screenshot (705).png

I have the same problem!
I click on the button to edit it in the old editor, but it redirects me to another instructable:

Also when adding an entry to a contest, it doesn't show it is submitted, so I resubmitted and now its there multiple files, which I can't delete nor edit. :(

alamtania (author)  Metalfist13 days ago

I completely understand that this is a new feature and it'll take sometime for the website to get adapted to the design challenges.

Still I wanted to report it once as the drafts I have are too many!