How to get a girl that you like?

How do I get a girl that I like

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Kiteman9 years ago
Ask her.
lol i have to agree with kiteman.
thats too simple. im sure it involves people in black rappelling into here room humming the matrix theme song and planting tape recorders saying she loves you all over her house.
just make sure she cant escape!!! hmm i might thing about electricfying the doorknob sorry i can spell
hahahaha that would be such a mean prank to pull...
lol go out with me or you get shocked lol that would make a real good impression
yea hahahaha shocking!
just make sure she doesnt call the fuzz secretly if she does just make a chloroform bomb and put it in her driveway thatll scare em! ps you could rob em to lol jk peace
hahahahahahahaha yea, that will work. that idea is right up there with burning your name into her yard with gas
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