How to get arrested* *and impress your friends doing it!

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lemonie8 years ago
I did something similar, but I wasn't stupid enough to do it on a public road...
Thanks for showing us that!


Goodhart8 years ago
NONE of my "friends" would be impressed by this.  Anyone can "get arrested"  (watch TV shows like World's Dumbest Criminals for ideas). 

But testing something like this safely and in a safe environment.....takes a little more THOUGHT.  >:-)  

 All you managed to do was endanger the lives of a LOT of other people. 
macgeek (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Wasn't me,
I would never do anything that stupid!

Oh I wasn't accusing you or anyone person.  But it DID kind of remind me of a show that was SUPPOSED to have some safety and controls, that obviously did not......Man vs. Cartoon.  In the very first episode I saw, they nearly got seriously injured by a runaway rocket, launched at a distance, and behind a small bunker (as if the 12 inches of dirt was going to be high enough).....and these were engineering soon as they set it up, I  commented to the wift,  "this can't turn out good"  and it nearly turned out VERY BAD.  
its been my experience that the average engineering student has precious little common sense.
They certainly didn't have any experience with "real world" cause and effect...that's for sure
yourcat8 years ago
The "get arrested" part sure is right.
Kiteman8 years ago