How to get free laundry with a card operated machine

I moved into a new apartment with a washer/dryer in my place. The only problem is I have to pay to use the washer/dryer. They use one of these new credit card things that has a chip in it that gets read by the machine. I want to know if there's a way I can trick the machine or trick my card so I can get free laundry. Normally I don't like doing stuff like this, but at 2.00 to wash and 1.50 to dry, I feel ripped off.

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MonkWriter4 years ago
Lets see in California the utility cost for each wash cycle runs $1.03 and each 30 minute dry cycle $ 0.74. A simple card operated washer costs $1,800 and up depending on single or dual speed and whether it has a 19 minute cycle or something longer. If you use coins the banks charge 2% to count the coins for deposit. So you take into account the cost of the machine +utilities+ etc. and its a bargan.
alexmiller0010 years ago
***ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK this is intended for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY READ DISCLAIMER BELOW ,I AM NOT LIABLE FOR ANY RESULTING CONSEQUENCES from any attempts to execute this concept as it is only a CONCEPT**** if you have a maytag you can simply open up the panal that has all the buttons on it(although it has tamper proof screws you can use a small flat head if its the hex bolt with the cylinder in the middle to unscrew these very easily, you just need the correct size flat head so it will catch on the middle and the corners of the hex bolt once open there should be a manual in the space covered by the panal), on the back you should find a little white plug that has 2 white wires ( they should loop from one side of the plug back into the other side of it kinda like this >> []3 (but the flat side would be plugged into the circuit board and the 3 would be the wires), they dont connect to anything else its just a circuit loop) if you remove this plug it should put your machine into diagnostic/service mode if you fiddle with the buttons you should be able to start the machine in a diagnostic cycle mode. ( this really will allow you to do your wash for free tricking the machine into thinking it is testing to see if it is functioning properly, when really it is washing your clothes) as for the dryer i havn't figured that out yet but when i do i will def let you know have fun and make sure you unplug the machine before you fiddle with the inside. *****!!!!!!!Do this at your own risk i am not responsible for any illegal activity/ vandalism/ injury/ death/ loss of property which may occur when attempting this method it is purely proof of concept and intended for educational use only!!!!!!*********
I tried this on a privately owned machine, I found the plug when I take it out it goes into some kind of mode. However No matter how I fiddle with the buttons nothing happens, I tried unplugging the card reader and still nothing. it switches between a "dash" mode and then settings like spin and U, no way to get it to do a diagnostic wash.
tnt20009 years ago
Hi - well I guess I am considered the enemy in your book. I recently bought a property for which I pay the water. While looking for ways to help with the mortgage and numerous other bills, I came up with the idea of installing a coin operated washer and drier, which would actually help the tenants a lot, since the laundrymat is not too close and the idea is to charge the same. Now my problem is that I do not know where to get the card operated machine which I think would be a lot less hassle than coin operated. So while you are unscrewing panels in the back can you send me the name of the company that actually has this little machines - who knows maybe you get some positive karma back :) thanks!!
jashley tnt20008 years ago
I am in the card reader business and have designed a great system to operate washers and dryers that does not require a lot of expense in setting up and is foolproof if you would lie to discuss it send me your phone number to
Hey Jashley, are you for real? Please email me because I have tenants that abuse the w/d system I installed for convenience and I need a card-system with more security. How expensive are these and how easy are they to hack? I need something foolproof otherwise, I just may have to invent something myself. Please let me know where I can get the card reading w/d ASAP because my newest tenant, she runs the w/d 24-7 and it has been reported that she brings all her family and friends in to wash day and night. I don't want a $2,000 water bill, HELP!!!
email me your contact info at and I will call you to discuss
fanny19897 years ago
Thanks for the info!!
lemonie10 years ago
You'd need a device to reprogram the key. Or a way to hack the top-up mechanism. Or some power tools... Then again you could try not washing your clothes, and mail them to your parents? L
runner_chick (author)  lemonie10 years ago
There's got to be a way to override the machine itself...i dunno, maybe unhook something so all I have to do is push start and then switch is back when I move out. I'm a big idiot when it comes to electronics.
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