How to get published?

I was wondering if there is anyone on here who has ever had a book published? I looked for an ible and couldn't find one.

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DJ Radio7 years ago
Try looking in your phone book for local publishers. If you cannot find one, take it to google to find the nearest publisher around.
mg0930mg7 years ago
I was published in a book. My grandmother had a book published, I may ask her. OK?
Lithium Rain (author)  mg0930mg7 years ago
Thank you, please do!
I think she used this website called www.iunivere.com and paid for it you can check that out. That's most likely the route I'll take.
KentsOkay7 years ago
I to, wonder the same. I've got that fantasy epic a cookin'...
Lithium Rain (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
I'm hard at work on mine (did I ever show it to you? Can't remember...), I'm seriously thinking of just submitting it to a publisher and seeing what happens. I mean, I'm not trying to act all conceited, I just think it's...not awful. Pretty good. Better than some books I've seen published, anway. Worst case scenario, I could just sell it on metacafe.
I've got the same theory, it's better than other books. No I don't think so, if it's a big file pm it's location in your library or something...
Some points:

Get an agent.
Print out your manuscript double-spaced, in a basic font like this,without fancy layouts.
Attach a cover-page, with your name, address, and an approximate word-count of your book. You could also attach a brief summary of the book (style, plot etc), but that's not necessary.
o_0 My story is pretty dang long, is there any office application in particular that's good for a couple hundred pages?
OpenOffice is a Great, open sourced, MSOffice alternative.
All you do is "select all" and then format the line spacing.
Yeah, I was just suggesting to him something he can use.
(I knew that, I was just keeping you "in the loop".)
good to know
Lithium Rain (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
Lithium Rain (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
Uncalled for.
it was a joke
Lithium Rain (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
Yeah, I know...not real nice though. I prefer not to joke that way.
joke what way? It wasn't supposed to mean anything, only that fart rhymes with hart
Lithium Rain (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
In a crude manner.
I've got NeoOffice on my iMac, and Word on my 98, I was just seeing if there was anything special to use.
Nope, just read what KiteY said below

Lithium Rain (author)  KentsOkay7 years ago
All righty, if you like I can send you what I have typed, it's not a big file, because I'm lazy and haven't actually typed the majority of it, because I write in notebooks. Which is more information then you need or care about, but there it is. =]
westfw7 years ago
I suspect it depends a lot on genre. There's a whole hierarchy for SF, for instance (starting with "fan fiction", for which you don't get paid, followed by a bunch of magazines, followed by big publishers. Depending, of course. Those first steps are a bit iffy if you only write novel-length fiction.)
Lithium Rain (author)  westfw7 years ago
Hmm. Is it pointless to submit a novel-length work to a publisher if you are unknown?
It couldn't hurt.
Lithium Rain (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
Hey, I think that's true!
bumpus7 years ago
My English teacher just got a book of poems she wrote published..
Ask Eric!