How to graffiti.

Hey, im realli big fan of graffiti, but dont know how to do it? cn som1 please tell me, thnx. the pics below are som rough desgins ive don on paper. I should clarify, i do not plan to damage peoples property, i plan to work on large canvas and put it on my property.

Picture of How to graffiti.
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ll.1310 years ago
Use stencils.
-there's respekt. =)
ledzep567 ll.1310 years ago
banksy cheats, he uses a lazer cutter for his stecils.
stencil's are cheating anyone can stencil!
um yea.... look at some of his smaller stuff. the bridges are hair thin and straight lines are perfectly straight. in order for him to produce stencils of that detail and "release" them like he did, he would have been working on them for a year straight. and thats very impractical because some of his work was almost a "response" to current events, therefor they could not have been made months in advance.
Bite your tounge until it bleeds! So what if he uses laser cutters, still his designs right? I figure as long as you get what you want, by any means, its still art.
true, but he does some really big ones that clearly aren't stencils, like the one i linked
how is that not a stencil?
Wow, full blown debates on ma page loL! and firstly, being only 15, i've stalled graffiti till im old enough and have the money. Secondly, the pictures that are up ... suck! they are utter crap and i have loads better, but seeing as i'm not doing it for now, i don't feel the need to put em up! and thirdly, Banksy, whether he uses laser cutters or not, is a genious of public expression, and to be honest, deserves a knighthood more than alot of people who actually get em! so really, whether he uses stencils, free from, or even steals them for all i care, he is still undeliably one of the greatest urban artists of our time, just to settle that 1 :)!
I'll second the that motion. Banksy inspired me to pick up the can, to bad I don't have steady hands, but stencils are more speed (and look better in my opinion)and I hope to come up with some sick ones.
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