How to heat a tent- safely?

While I am a a hands-on person, that mostly extends to art and sculpture rather than engineering. Therefore, I thought I ought to bring this question to people with a little bit more knowhow in that area. See, with the cold winter months coming on camping is becoming a little more arduous. More to the point, heating a tent safely is a real problem. I don't trust gas powered heaters....but there's not a whole lot of alternatives out there.

So I was wondering if anyone here could think of a way to safely heat a tent for a prolonged period of time. Preferably without gas, electricity, or risk of fire.

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I have used a Mr Heater Buddy Heater for several years for winter camping. They run off propane and are safe for use indoors. They will work off of a 1 lb propane bottle or, with an adapter hose, run off the larger 20 lb propane bottle.


i know this is an old post but we were thinking about the BIG BUDDY heater from cabella's camping and using the yeti 400 generator, my question is that the heater is not butane or propane and can be charged be run by this generator, obviosuky my question is about the CO2, any given off on this unit, thank you so much

campequipspot6 months ago

I read a cool tip that suggested heating rocks by the campfire and wrapping them in towels and tucking them inside the tent to provide heat. Here's a helpful article on tent heaters: http://thecampingequipmentspot.com/camping-heater-electric-vs-propane/

Downunder35m6 months ago

Just to put an end to the heating problem:
Might be a bit on the costly side though but anyway.
Get diesel or petrol powered caravan heater.
They use around 150ml of fuel per hour.
Leave tank and heater unit outside and connect a standard heater hose to it that goes into the tent.
Reuires a battery but a small deep cycle one with a soloar panel would do the trick here, as an alternative you can always use a dual battery isolator in the car to charge the spare battery.
If the heater unit is fitted with a silencer and also put into a small hole or inside a polystyreren box a few feet away from the tent you can enjoy a warm tent even in the snow.

tetrahemicon8 months ago

We were in college it was fall, or spring. Two inexpensive bags gave us versatility and cost less than two different rated bags. Ussually the second bag was padding and insulation from the ground, but it saved more than a few trips that started out moderate and dropped below freezing.

tetrahemicon8 months ago

No heaters at camp Ronfinke, we always had two rectangular sleeping bags per person. In cold weather we put one inside the other with the zippers reversed.

This allows you to telescope them longer and bring the bag over your head and for xtra foot room. In warmer weather we slept in one on top of the other for padding.

Would be too easy to just use a sleeping bad rated for the climate and temp!?

Toga_Dan9 months ago

Make a fire in the sand. get the sand pretty warm. Let the fire die. Bury it, and sleep on top. With or without a tent, it is cozy.

KevinH15810 months ago

could you look at items like air activated heat packs,i have brought two packs for $2 at my chemist you would either need a few of them or a larger ones but the idea fits with no risk of danger and they do last about 8 hours



JohnU1910 months ago

Yes, I know a way. It is, as far as I know, the only way, but is not promoted because it render's other products worthless by comparison. A simple positive pressure stove. Positive meaning air(oxygen) is brought in from outside the tent to feed the fire in the stove, which is otherwise sealed. It is brought in via two separate a tube's. One feeds the fire in the stove. and draws air in via convection created by the heat moving up thru the flu. The other is feed by a small fan forcing air from outside through a tube which coils around and around the heat source until hot and then is released onto the tent, with the same oxygen content it had when out side. I cannot seam to find one available for sale and am suspicious as to why that is the case. I will build one myself and will will be happy to forward to you my plans when I complete my project, though I suspect you would have no problem designing one for yourself.

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