How to keep FLIES away from your food!

I discovered this little "trick" (quite by accident) when I was grilling last week. 

Flies do not like onions!  A few slices of raw, sliced red onion in the immediate vicinity of your food will keep disgusting flies from dining on your edibles.

Onions are so effective, I'm tempted to make a pair of hoop earrings out of 'em!  

Maybe onion perfume?

oh, the possibilities! ;-D

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I don't know about this. I have seen flies on onions. Especially when they're rotten.
And they just love those onion flower plants you see in some parks on display in the flower garden.
iceng5 years ago
This may follow in the same vein as wearing the purple earrings..

A countrymen of mine who noticed a strange custom of placing a
bucket of raw meat near a slavic wedding assembly was informed
that the ancient practice kept the flies from bothering the bride..
Goodhart iceng5 years ago
...while attracting even MORE flies......hmmm, it almost "flies" in the face of reason ;-)
There are only so many flies in one area. The meat is far more attractive than people. This actually works, just make sure to get rid of the meat before it starts rotting...
I was teasing, I threw a pun in there for that reason :-D
My punny bone must be out of tune!
iceng SuzyMac4 years ago
That is caused by the " PU " part ;-)
iceng Goodhart5 years ago
Custom must be observed :)
Goodhart iceng5 years ago
Yeah and we have the TSA to thank for that :-P
TSA, custom(s) *sigh*
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