How to levitate a playing card with your cellphone!

I got about halfway through making one of these before I started questioning its seriousness. Is it a joke? Or, hopefully, is it valid?

Don't you just love who gullible some people are? ; ) Anyway, now that I've shared this with everyone, should I delete this topic. I'm not sure how it could benefit anyone else by leaving it up, and I try to clean up my messes.

If anyone knows the latter to be true, could you give the scientific explanation for why a cellphone can levitate a playing card?

Looking up how to add a video now. :P Here's the URL in the meantime:

Errr...Perhaps I'll make an Instructable on how to not read the entire set of directions in an Instructable on how to make videos. Mmmmm...recursion :P

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thejrb10 years ago
yeah probably edited.At some parts if you watch closely the card will tilt up and disappear.
carbon (author)  thejrb10 years ago
That's because playing cards are thin. ; )
but dont you remember he put that nickel on the card so it wouldnt disapeer that easily
carbon (author)  ich bin ein pyro10 years ago
First off, I was being facetious, as I have through this entire ordeal. Second, it isn't edited, just very bad quality.
LasVegas10 years ago
Definately wires... I wonder how many tried to replicate it...
carbon (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
Could I bother you to perhaps visit this site? It really bothers me when people do that. :P
LasVegas carbon10 years ago
Oh GOSH! You caught my typo! Sorry, but because of recent changes to this site, I'm forced to use Firefox, the one and only application on my computer without spell-checking.
you're kidding, right?
No. I'm not kidding. Most applications on the Mac work with the OS X integrated spell checker. So far, all except Firefox.
firefox does have a spell checker...
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