How to make 18V battery - Thanks for your help its sorted now :D

Hi Everyone, I have a handheld dremel thing that needs a 18V power source to run at max speed, currently i ma using one 9V battery but the drill doesn't cut anything. SO i need to connect two 9V batteries to make an 18V power source, I have no idea how to do this can one of you geniuses help me ?? lol whoever helps me first wins a prize....... the prize is pride and a pat on the back (lol i hate it when teachers say that) Thanks Guys !!!!

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dumb cake

Sandisk1duo9 years ago
at leas you have a dremel :' (
Narnies9 years ago
you need to connect them in series so... pos to neg to pos and so on untill you reach the required voltage (+)9vdc(-) --->(+)9vdc(-) this will give give the 18vdc your after
Derin9 years ago
try using an old laptop psu they are strong and most are rated at 18V
theburn79 years ago
all i know is to use a A23 12 volt battery, costs nuthin and if it doesn't work for ur needs, omen it and get a bunch of button cell batteries
aha! combine all of the 1.5V button cells from two A23 batteries to make 18v, tape them together and that is it!
=SMART= (author)  theburn79 years ago
thats quite a good idea i think ill try that thanks :D
skunkbait9 years ago
You might try three of the square/rectangle 6v "lantern batteries" in sequence. As a last (expensive,but awesome)resort you could go with three 6v (rechargeable) motorcycle batteries. I don't think 2 of the little 9's will run it.
What was the old battery?
=SMART= (author)  GorillazMiko9 years ago
i used to run it on a single 9V battery, but it needs at least 12V to go fast enough to cut things
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