How to make HIGH Speed knex cars

An hour ago I had an idea to speed up a knex motor, or really make a new one, I tested it, and it worked, but it was not good enough. So I upgraded it. It was originally attaching ann electric screw driver to a piece of knex, then making a gearbox to attach it into 2 sideways ones like on the motor. But it was not good enough! I used an electric drill! Use tape to keep it turned on. Magic!

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Katarukito9 years ago
i modified my knex motor to hold more batteries
You will burn your motor out faster.
I got a 12 volt motor & barrery (the same out of a drill but i found mine in a printer)
This is what you should do: Get a All Terrain Trekker motor, a Mud racer and some gears that are 2 red, and 5 tiny blue gears with tan locks. I made a really fast one AND I will be posting it soon!
Bartboy (author)  Miles Tails Prower9 years ago
lego motors are better though, and drills are stronoger
chombo9 years ago
yeah i used a 18V drill motor to and made a knex weapon of it. i think a screwed up like 100 pieces of knex XD
Bartboy (author)  chombo9 years ago
yeah, i meant like 8v