How to make 'Where The Wild Things Are' Max pajamas for a cancer patient...?

I wanted to make a set of pajamas like Max's from the storybook 'Where The Wild Things Are' for a friend of mine who is sick (cancer) and in the hospital. She really loved the story and I think it would cheer her up if she could have some fun and wear something comfortable and warm.

Does anyone know of a pattern that would work for that? I've searched online but so far the patterns I've seen online just aren't really cutting it. There IS an Etsy seller  that makes a totally kick ass pajama, but they're over $100 wish shipping and handling and I just can't afford that. :/

Does anyone have a pattern that's similar? Something with buttons and an attached hood with the collar pieces that stick out? Its perfect! 

Dear Aeiriz,

Have you tried this method?

Take a good look at these links for ibles and adjust it for sizes. And I bet if you contacted the authors of them they could help with any questions you have. Hat

Or you could do a search for Where the Wild Things Are and get inspired on many of the other ibles on the subject.