How to make a 737

Southwest has put out a video showing the construction of one of its newest Specialty Planes. It's all done in just 2 minutes, 30 seconds, too. It's like watching a kit being put together. Also love seeing the application of the paint job in a succession of masking and painting.

Check it out and be sure to mute the soundtrack.

via Core77

Picture of How to make a 737
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Wolf Seril7 years ago
Sweet, now I have a use for that 747 fuselage I have collecting dust in my basement.

I knew I saved that for some reason.
lemonie7 years ago
Good film, very nicely put together. I wonder what price on the paint-job?

PKM lemonie7 years ago
High, I'd imagine- wouldn't you hate to be the guy positioning the stencils for that?

"Oh no, there's a wrinkle... 11 feet above the wing... guess I'd better take it off and redo it"

I'd like to know how they do the registration to make sure all the different colours line up properly.
rbstimers7 years ago
Awesome! I'm going to go build one now!
fungus amungus (author)  rbstimers7 years ago
Go for it!
bowmaster7 years ago
Ohhh!!!! This is how it's done. I got a kit for one of these online the other day for $50, and it didn't come with instructions.
n0ukf7 years ago
Is there any indication anywhere what the elapsed time is between fuselage rolling in and painted plane rolling out?
God that music was dreadful, says someone voluntarily attending a Jazz concert saturday.
You don't know dreadful - turn the volume down 'cos it's MIDI

gmoon7 years ago
Wow, nice video...

Another "wow" about the soundtrack comment. Mute the video if you don't care for modern jazz (I think it's awesome.) Sounds like Jean-Luc Ponty, or some other modern violinist following in Stephane Grappelli's footsteps...
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