How to make a HUGE WI-Fi reciver.

i have proubly a old satalite dish that is proubly around 10-15 feet wide, but it is like metal mesh but how could i use that to make a wifi reciever...ive recently read a instructable on how to make one with a satalite dish that is proubly like 3 ft wide...but what about mine... i know most people dont have a huge satalite dish like that but if you might have a idea on how to make what i have discribed then well talk...

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This is off topic, but y'know what I've always wanted to do? Make an enormous wireless network extending 50 miles from my place. Free internet for all (who are within 50 miles of me)! Prolly not even a little bit feasible under any circumstances, but I can dream...
build your own little neighborhood around it with a Starbucks, and movie theaters and schools, ooh and i call 2nd in command!
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Mount the antenna at the focal point - where the LNA for TV was mounted.
Don't you mean LNB? Could you just place an entire router in there?
. I thought most LNBs and LNAs were in the same housing. Maybe not - I'm no expert. . . As long as it's wxproof, it should work. I'd go with an remote antenna and keep the router inside - should be easier than wxproofing a router. . If the dish is close enough to the computer, a USB "dongle" might be another option.
I'm not an expert either. You probably know more. I want a router loaded with dd-wrt to repeat a wifi signal from a nearby gas station back to my main router for 2 computers and a printer
. Shall we debate who is the most ignorant? heehee . . hmmmmmmm Interesting . I think I'd try the remote antenna route. Mount a decent antenna close to the access point and run coax back to the router. Guess it depends on how nearby nearby is. . No idea about the repeater business.
I think I'll win that one!
I was thinking of something like this:
. That looks like something from The Man From UNCLE!
. I'd still mount just the antenna outside. Otherwise, you have to run power/&c out to the router. Plus condensation problems, rain, ...
. And if it gets stolen, you're only out an antenna, not the router.
Good points. Do you know of any cheap routers? Fon ones used to be only $5
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