How to make a Pencil/ Pen vending machine.

I have been wanting to make one for years but don't have the skills to do this. Maybe if someone made one and posted instructions I could follow.

They could make a lot of money at schools/libraries.

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cool knex135 years ago
Can I just say it will not take money when I make this.

Unless you have a box next to it saying "10p per pencil put in cup"!
cool knex135 years ago
You know what I will make one for you!

Give me a week or less and I will make one!

I will give you the link when I have done!
write up the instructable !
This model might take a while!
No hurry, we aren't rushing towards the apocalypse or anything (unless a GOP president gets elected). :-)
Goodhart5 years ago
To "dispense" one pencil/pen at a time, I am sure a soda straw dispenser (single straw at a time) could be modified for this service.
Something that functions mechanically should do. Something that uses the size, shape, and weight so that when it drops into the bucket, tada! pencil/pen comes out. To counter the string tied to a coin trick, put razors around spots where the coin will go so the string would get cut and make someone disappointed. I don't have time to post instruction due to an on-going project that needs lots of attention to complete (I could only post a slideshow on it because it's fairly complicated). Anyway, just use the mechanical approach.
Plasmana7 years ago
Pen/pencil vending machines? I never knew such things exist until now! lol
Goodhart7 years ago
AlfredoSG (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Haha and now we return to the original question. I just don't know enough to be able to embed a uP nor do i know what a uP is. haha
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