How to make a "baby" monitor

Hello to All, This is a very mundane request but was wondering if anyone on this list would have the time to help me figure out how to make a monitor for my farm. I have dwarf dairy goats with a llama guardian but with the windows closed now for winter I can't hear if there is a problem. Sometimes they maybe almost 800 feet away. Liese, Piedmont region, NC

Goodhart7 years ago
Yes, building an AM transmitter (short range) isn't overly hard, and then using an old AM radio tuned to the frequency of the transmitter is very effective and cheaper then many other options.
Irene79997 years ago
I never made a baby monitor so far,but i found a articel maybe can help you:

Or maybe you can refer to the true baby monitor's operating principle.
FrenchCrawler11 years ago
Get one of these, but add on a larger antenna (and any other mods, like making it plug into the wall instead of being battery powered):

Then you tune in on a radio in your house...
Liese (author)  FrenchCrawler11 years ago
Many thanks for your reply, very helpful. Liese