How to make a calculator that divides by zero?

New to the forum so not sure how it works here but basically asking a request for a instructable for any shop brought calculator that when asked to divide something by zero returns a number, maybe a  random number, but hopefully 42 everytime. Is this possible and if so could someone post the instructable?

blind oly (author) 10 days ago

I was hoping it would be possible (and not too difficult) to reprogramme any normal calc brough from a shop. Wanna give one to a math 'geek' friend.

If anyone can advise on this, cool.

blind oly (author) 11 days ago

Thought I deleted the first post after seeing the wanted forum.

Anyone else wish to reply with something more productive for my 'nonsense needs'?

You could program your own to run on Android or IOS...

There is neither a need for nonsense calculators nor to post the same nonsense twice.
I mean: Why not just ask for a lightbulb that draws light in instead of emitting it....
Sorry but getting fed up by newbies constantly crewating double postings and never hearing from them again....