How to make a egg stand?

I tried searching on here how to make a egg stand. And i cant find anything on that topic. I want to try and make dragons eggs but i cant find anything on making stands for the eggs. If anyone has a link or something please share. :)

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Kiteman4 years ago
Do you mean something like this?

I couldn't see the Link.

Was it something like an picture frame easel?

The wooden one would be wicked for a dragons egg.

The stool is a favorite among fishermen; but you got to watch them, to easy to tip when you sip your beer.

jessielyn (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
yea like that but something you could make out of things around the house. Like cardboard, plastic, etc.
Simple: three sticks bound tightly in the middle - spread the ends out, and you're sorted.
jessielyn (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
thanks thats a great idea!

You could make one of these out of folded cardboard.

PattiI210 months ago
mommyhen423 years ago

Sorry people but this is not a random or vague question!

An egg stand for those who dont know, is used for decorated eggs. Fabergé eggs are just one example. An egg stand holds the egg in an upright position.

I have seen lots of egg stands, but like you have never found plans for making one.

I would love to see someone offer it here.

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