How to make a hole in a glass bottle

hi all, is there an easy way to make a hole on the side of a glass bottle using a common drill or any other common tool?

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Kiteman9 years ago
You can buy a special drill-bit for tiles and glass. It looks like a small and very pointy spade (not a spiral).

Put a small patch of masking tape on the spot you want to drill to stop the bit slipping and scratching the glass.

Click here for typical example
hutt (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
thanks a lot =) ill try to get one of those drills, but do i have to use different drilling speed for glass? the slower the better?
Kiteman hutt9 years ago
Sorry, I don't know. It's just occurred to me, though, that you could use a dremel or similar to grind a hole.
I've tried a Dremel but it didn't work. Tried several different bits & stones but none made more than a very small dimple. I even broke one of my expensive metal bits, wasn't happy about that. Using the dremel to make a starting dimple seems to be the best use for it. The dimple gives the spade bit a place to start so it doesn't 'walk' all over the surface. It seems that slow but steady (like a regular drill) works better for drilling holes in glass & ceramic, rather than the high speed (and heat?) from a Dremel. That's what has worked for me, anyway. Also, water is an essential to keep things cool. I build a dike around the area using kid's craft clay and keep about a half inch of water in it while I'm drilling. The drilling will take what seems like forever and ever and ever......but sooner or later it will pop thru a tiny bit and the water will drain out. Not much longer after that you'll have your hole.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. I've had pretty good luck using a sharp-pointed piece of metal (eg, knife, icepick) and just pecking at it until I have the right size hole. Very slow process, but it works. A drill bit designed for glass will be much quicker and will probably make a cleaner hole, but I always seem to crack/shatter the glass with one - YMMV.