How to make a own 5 X AA battery holder?

Hi guys,

I have tried looking around to buy a 5 x AA battery holder but unable to find one.

As such, how can I make my own 5 X AA battery holder?
I have a 4 x AA holder and a 2 x AA holder.. Is there any way to combine this two and make it a 5 x AA holder?

Or can I use a 6 x AA holder and modify it to a 5 x AA holder?

Thanks for your inputs.

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lewisb424 years ago
What ozzydogk9 said -- just jumper across the the last battery position in a 6x holder.

Another option: Assuming you need the 7.5v that comes from using a 5x holder with alkaline AA cells (1.5v each) you can maybe switch to rechargeable NiMH AA cells (which are 1.2v each) and use 6 cells for a total of 7.2v. Not the exact amount of volts but maybe close enough for your needs?
kurtselva (author)  lewisb424 years ago
I have got my 6xAA battery holder..

It is the 3 AA batteries in 2 rows type of holder.
So how do I know which battery position to wire?
It actually doesn't matter. You can wire across any position and the effect is the same -- it doesn't have to be the last one.
kurtselva (author)  lewisb424 years ago
So I just have to connect the positive and negative terminal of the last battery position together?

So I can just solder a wire to the terminals?
Yep. I've done it before and it worked fine.
kurtselva (author)  lewisb424 years ago
Ok thanks. Will try it out