How to make a plasma ball

Making a plasma ball is something i have always wanted to know :]

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techno guy6 years ago
I made my own plasma globe, it was small. The globe was like 2 inches in diameter. It ran off a flyback and a relay and a 6 volt battery. I might make an 'ible about it.
Flumpkins9 years ago
I once had a mini one, and I accidently smashed it with my drum sticks. I threw them at the ground cuz my arms hurt from my warmup. I forgot to look down.
I always wanted to make a laser guided hamster cannon. Your idea's good to though.
Plasmana9 years ago
forgesmith9 years ago
Well, gee, that's nice to know.

Were you looking for how to make one, or...?

If you are, just in case, here is a site I found just by Googling "make plasma ball."

Umm, see you later?