How to make a push button switch easy?

please help me here basicly i need to know how to make a momentary switch button of sorts....sorta like this but home made..i cant seem to figure out how to make a button like a button you press down that dosent click and stay but comes back out as soon as you let go..i mean i would just do the paper clip method but i cant as the project that im currently working at needs a button like that..i would buy them but i rather some how..make a simple button just like that so could you guys help me out?

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elkaddalek8 months ago

You have the outer tube, the button, something to hold the button in place, the spring & a metal pin. The holder holds the button in place wile the spring pushes the button up. You have a wire connected to the spring with a large outer coil & a small inner coil. When you press the button the small coil touches the pin & makes contact.

Make sure the spring doesn't touch the pin when not pressed.

blenderbros1 (author) 4 years ago
ya your right ill just buy them i can get them for 99 cents on ebay :) thanks
I take it you want something that actually looks like a button not just a couple of wires touching each other? Are you doing this to save money or just for the experience of making the button? The paperclip will work fine you just need something to attach to the paperclip to make it look like a button. In witch case you can use anything you can cut and glue to the paperclip to make it look like a decent button.
blenderbros1 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
well i kinda want a button know...i know it should not be to hard to make should it? but if not what do you mean make it look like one?
Cut out a small wood or plastic slug to attach to the paperclip.

Unless you have access to a 3D printer or nice CNC router you won't be able to make a DIY button that looks like a commercial button. Probably need to decide if you want the look and function of a real push button or if you want to make your own.
The push button is nothing more then a couple of metal contacts that get pushed together where one springs back to it's original position when there is no pressure on it. Without a means to create a nice housing with a spring loaded button on top you can't make one yourself that looks as good as a commercial product. Besides it would be cheaper to just buy the button you want.