How to make a waterproof clock?

I really hope someone can help me. I really need a clock I can have outside. I teach classes outside and I need to know what time it is. Waterproof clock prices are exorbitant... I bet they're easy to make. Nothing comes up when I google waterproof clock works. I have this huge metal disk I found by the side of the road and it would be cool to make that into a gigantic outdoor clock. But how to make sure it's not destroyed the first time it rains...? Can anyone help? THANK YOU!

Chicken22095 years ago
put it in a ziploc baggie :)
Either that or get a waterproof watch.
Is less then $20 for an outdoor clock exorbitant for you? 

There are all sorts of outdoor clocks available at all price ranges. Its just a matter of how much you want to spend and what features you want and the materials its made of. 
True; they're not cheap and some customer reviews I've read are disappointing. If you have a house or garage window close to the area where you teach, lean a large clock in the windowsill facing outward. As for making one to leave outside, get a small 'dollar store' battery clock and slip it into a cleaned out peanut butter jar...or into an empty bird feeder hanging from a branch or on a pole? Hope this helps....