How to make an underwater/rippling light effect?

I need some help! I am trying to make a light that appears to be shining through moving water. If you google "Chauvet Abyss lighting" that is the sort of effect I want, but it will be in a bathroom so on a much smaller scale.  I can't figure out how to do this. I tried shining light of an aluminum pan of water to get a reflection but it was too dim and I couldn't keep the water moving unless I stood there moving it.
Some of the problems with this are it needs to be fairly bright, needs to be preferably something that doesn't need to be plugged in, and can't be expensive.
I thought of shining a light through an aquarium but I am not sure how to keep the water moving in a way that it would give the right appearance. I also thought of having the light moving instead and either still water or have the light shine through some type of translucent surface that is made to look like water. However I am not sure how to make a light that moves (slowly) or how to make a surface for it to shine through.

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sidolkovsky6 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
How about reflecting the light off a heat-warped CD, rotating on a small geared motor?
that would be similar to those old motion lamps where there was a stationary light in the middle and then a drum rotated around that between the light and the external design to make it look like the design was moving (like train smoke billowing or what not)
tommyboy6 years ago
Sorry, it's Waves LED Projector, not Underwater...
tommyboy6 years ago
Also, I've had good results from reflecting light off of iridescent gift tissue (it's clear but has a pink tint if you look through it and greenish blue if you reflect light off of it) ; rippling that with air current gives sort of an underwater effect.
tommyboy6 years ago
if you search for Light in a Box's Underwater LED Projector, you'll find one at a reasonable price (40-50$) it uses textured glass and movement. I think it's battery powered or adapter plug.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
The real device might be duplicated with arduino controlling a big matrix of LEDs bunched together focused out so they rapidly fade in and out alternately next to each other to get that light "movement" effect.