How to make florescent ink?

I have Googled and searched Wiki on how to make fluorescent (ultraviolet) inks. I want to know how to make them. I dont want th lemon juice , corn starch, milk or other types of invisible inks. I want to make the stuff the glows under uv light. I searched using uv, ultraviolet, fluorescent inks but couldnt find anything other than the lemon juice and other types of "invisible" writing. Please help if you know where to find or if you know how to make fluorescent (ultraviolet) inks. You can email me at I mean the inks that u can buy for handstampers and that are put in invisible ink markers. I want to make the stuff myself and not have to buy it off the internet.... So while yes there are alot of things that glow under UV, I want it in liquid form.

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NachoMahma9 years ago
. How about the stuff that carpenters put on their chalk lines? A lot of them are UV reactive. Should be pretty cheap and readily available. Might have to grind it up a bit to get it fine enough. Just a thought.
the ink has to be invisible to the eye so if its fluorescent and you can see it. kind of defeats the point
Qcks6 years ago
Anything with conjugated bonds will fluoresce under ultraviolet light.
Vegetable oil would work.

microemulsions fluoresce as well, but for a different reason. Ouzo is a type of alcohol from greece. it actually would work quite well as a microemulsion ink.
batonas6 years ago
heres a list of fuluorescent stuff by wikipedia

laundry detergents containing optical brighteners
Body fluids (those are free)
expertnoobz6 years ago
check out my instructable
Goodhart9 years ago
A long time ago, I thought I had read that naphthalene dissolved in a solvent and then "painted" onto items would give a distinct glow under UV lamps....but I can't put my finger on it just now...
Not 100% sure, real chemists please help, but I think naphthalene is flammable, used for a type of "napalm". Be very careful.
Yes, when I said "naphthalene" I meant the solid "moth ball" state of it. But yes, it is pretty flammable.
That might do some real damage in today's Plastic everything printers though.
Kiteman9 years ago
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