How to make money online ?

Hi, I am 16 years old and i am from Fiji. My parent don't usually support my electronic project and think its a waste of time and i should find something better to do. So i need to make money online somehow cause i have internet access. I am just 16 to i don't have a master or visa card . So please help me out and let me know of some great ways to do so.

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mercuryqiqi4 years ago
It's a really good way to make money, and what you do is cool. I support you! Go on!
daflame4 years ago
you can make money off youtube if you are popular enough.
mazzmn4 years ago
I'll tell you of some I have noticed surfing around...have not actually tried to make money this way, but...

The instructables forums often have people who are looking for help designing or building circuits, same for forums is a site that allows you to sell electronics projects is a site that lets you sell 3d designs lets you sell 3d printed items sell crafty things you make
If you do photography, you may be in a unique enough location to sell pictures on
skunkbait9 years ago
You might try to work as a local travel agent/planner. If you had something to offer (as a Fijian) that outsiders did not, you might make a little from the tourist trade. I spent a little time in the South Pacific several years ago. You don't happen to speak Pidgin/Bislama do you? I know that's from the islands to the north west, but just thought you might.
arylic (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
yes i do sir
Tru, yu save long tok pisin? Longtaim mi stap long PNG, na Tok Pisin i olsem namba tu tokples bilong mi.
arylic (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
I just know i little what my friend thought me , his from solomon. me, stilem understand pisin. you blow understand me blow sem ?... miem love em u....hehehe...
There is a growing market for specialist local guides for tourists. My father had a stop-over in the Bahamas and (online) contacted a local guide for a bird-watching trip. The guide met him at his hotel before dawn, then took him in a hire-car to the kinds of places that only a local would find, and helped him add about a dozen birds to his life-list in only a few hours. You don't have to be a birder yourself, just know where local birders go to see them. It's the same for any other wildlife - tourists will pay a premium for having a guide to themselves, even if it means watching whales from a canoe instead of a launch.
Kiteman Kiteman9 years ago
(Oh, I forgot - you'd have to get yourself a website, or contact a travel agency in the US, UK or Europe).
I can't help but wonder if there's a market for decent ones here, granted americans seem happy with the cheesy shop and miserable bus...
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