How to make pure sodium?

Is there anyway I can make pure sodium from salt or balking soda,and no I would not make a bomb with it.

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mrmolamola1 year ago

You can make it with baking soda, marble, and magnesium or tinfoil. Put the baking soda and marble on a pan and put the pan in the oven for 2-4 hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The baking soda is now sodium carbonate and the marble is now quicklime. Leave the sodium carbonate and put few drops of water on the marble. The marble should swell and crack.It has turned into calcium hydroxide. Now dissolve the calcium hydroxide in water and than dissolve the sodium carbonate in another container. Now slowly add the sodium carbonate solution to the calcium hydroxide solution until no more white stuff is formed (precipitate). Now filter the result. Leave the white stuff and let the liquid evaporate. The crystal that is formed is lye. Now weigh out 1 gram lye and 1 gram either finely powdered aluminum or powdered magnesium WARNING: ALUMINUM POWDER IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NO BE USED UNLESS YOU HAVE WELDING GOGGLES BECAUSE IT GLOWS VERY BRIGHTLY WHEN LIT. Now mix the two powders well and than put the mixture in a cone shaped piece of tinfoil and light. If it does no light than try heating the mixture over a small fire. Now turn the black stuff into powder and than take 50 mil of mineral oil and pour it over 200 mil water and than prepare the container your going to store the sodium in by putting mineral oil in the container you plan to store the sodium in. Now drop the slag into the container with mineral oil on top of water. It should bubble and shiny pieces of sodium should float up to the top press them all together and than put the chunk into the container you filled with mineral oil to store. And BAM! you have sodium

If you search "sodium electrolysis", and go to images, multiple diagrams coem up showing liquid, or aqueous, NaCl with two electrodes in the solution connected to a battery. You could probably use a car battery, and you would jus need some sort of clay pot to hold the molten NaCl.

Also beware of the chlorine gas that is one of the products of the reaction (i.e. do this outside adn with really good ventilation)

For people who are freaking out about bombs here, there is a possibility that people saw the video I did where someone shows how to start a basic fire with sodium...For people who don't know much about chemistry and are interested in how to make a fire in a survivalist situation in a downpour with wet tinder, well, they might also decide to ask if sodium is the right thing for that, read further, decide that it is not and move on. That is what I did.

Sokolov9 years ago
The easiest way to do it is not with salt. That's too much problem. F**K that. I am going to tell you what are you going to do. I am a Chemistry major. You will pass high current trough a pickle. Thats crazy ha! I thought the same thing. The pickle will emit a yellow light, which means that sodium is in excited state. Once the yellow glow is gone, you will open the pickle and there! grab the sodium and make a bomb.
417827 Sokolov8 years ago
scratch that last comment is that black goo the right stuff? cuz i took that out and dried it on a furnace and put it in a gelatin medicine capsule, will it work?
hmmm.... that black goo might be rust (from the wires you stuck into the pickle) it could also be mold

throw it in water find out

you probably used really sweet pickles
brand new pickles i did it the right way and there was nothing but the black stuff, no silver i finally did it using the salt and torch method, it worked
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