How to make roller skates out of regular shoes?

I have tons of pairs of Converse All-Stars lying around my house, and I've always wanted to convert a pair into roller skates. Does anyone have any experience with doing this, or know a good place to start? I found a website that was selling them, but they were something like seventy British pounds, which seems like quite a bit. Thanks!

dancin2nite6 years ago
I am planning to do this with my daughter bcs her feet grow so fast and I'd rather use one of her sneakers since she likes that style that the regular boot style. Here are a few more websites also
You can buy plastic roller skate plates on ebay $22 that is the cheapest I have found You will need to find wheels also and that isn't so cheap unless you can find them on a used pair in a thrift store.
cocoaloco6 years ago
get some skate trucks and wheels
cut wood attatch to bottom of shoe
attatch wheels to wood
send me pix
tk13146 years ago
Try these.