How to make the best gun in the universe even better.

Sorry for the extremely braggy title, I just needed something to grab attention, because these mods are MANDATORY.

I have made some mods to the bolt, ram and barrel that are required for my AR-4 v3

Picture 1- Ram mod.  Add these spacers in there.  This keeps the ram from breaking the bolt when you fire.

Picture 2- Bolt mod.  I change the number of 1- slot connectors that hold the bolt from 2 to 3.  I also mod the ram so that the part that goes before the bolt is 1 orange connector, and 2 blue caps.

Picture 3- 2 barrel mods.  There is a third mod, but I will go ahead and explain this first.  The top of the barrel is changed a little bit.  Note it.  

The second barrel mod was actually made by makers of my AR-4 v3.  It required  me to remove the white connector from the front of the barrel.  This somehow increases the power to a staggering 45 feet with 1 rubberband, around 70 with 3 (doubled up), making this the most powerful bolt action gun ever posted.

Picture 4- Bullet lock mod.  Sorry for the crappy picture, but it has too much shadow.  Anyways, where the new ram sticks out, you place the ball joint socket.  This also increases the power, and gives you the ability to point it down.

With all the mods I made, you can load and fire the gun sideways.

Picture of How to make the best gun in the universe even better.
Updates 009.JPG
Updates 010.JPG
Updates 011.JPG
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Bartboy8 years ago
Even if this were a good knex gun, real guns are still better guns....
You can't say it's not a good gun. It's bolt action and very piece friendly.
It is not bolt action. It has a slide that doesn't have an elastic pulling it forward.
It is bolt action in terms of knex.
Look at the inner barrel! It is true bolt action!
It has to have a BOLT to be BOLT action.
which it does.
Which is pulled by a slide....
DJ Radio (author)  Bartboy8 years ago
Still a bolt action.  The bolt is just slid on 2 rails.  You pull it back, then you push it forward to load a round from the mag into the main barrel
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